Is This The Weirdest Car In New York City?

OK, so that time machine I spotted in the Bronx was definitely one of the weirdest cars I’ve ever come across, and that Mad Max limo was pretty unusual too. But this one might have them both beat. I spotted this, er, customized Hyundai one evening last week on the Upper West Side…


Literally, every inch of the thing is completely decked out in toys and figurines:


Check out the hood…


It’s so densely packed, it almost reminds me of one of those I Spy children’s books where you try to find hidden objects (can you spot Pinocchio, two cats driving a car, an M&M…).


Despite some wear and tear, these things aren’t going anywhere:


The decorations continue onto the roof…


…where you’ll find a zebra, a garden gnome, Minnie Mouse, Uncle Sam, and a polar bear, among dozens of others:


More on the back…


But if you thought the exterior was crowded, take a look at the interior:


Here’s the dash – it’s almost like one of those 25-cent toy vending machines exploded inside the car:


So who’s responsible? A website on the back reveals it as the brainchild of artist Lalainya Stream with the Vortex Creative Art and Design Center, which promotes “healing through imagination, expression and creative interaction.”


Definitely one of the most unique cars I’ve come across…


Would love to see the look on the guy’s face when this comes in for inspection.


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  1. Not literally.

  2. I can’t believe an art car would make it in NYC without being CONSTANTLY vandalized.

  3. In Detroit we have the Heidelberg Project – houses whose exteriors were decorated in different themes. They were the pride of the area until some idiot(s) burned them down.

  4. Wouldn’t there be a regulation, in relation to the cars “original color”?
    In case of accident, or simply a police check the VIN plate would state the car is blue etc.
    You can’t just willy nilly change your cars appearance surely?

    • According to the NY DMV, “homemade, custom, or unique motor vehicles and motorcycles need to be evaluated by the DMV to ensure their safe use on highways. These kinds of vehicles include: electric-powered vehicles that aren’t DMV-certified; limited-use vehicles or motorcycles that aren’t DMV-certified; homemade automobiles, trucks, or motorcycles; automobiles, trucks, or motorcycles built from kits (kit car); dune buggies; amphibious vehicles; and other vehicles with special construction, equipment, or characteristics”. The art car probably falls into the categories of “homemade” or “special construction, equipment or characteristics” if it’s going to be deemed “street legal” in NY.

      Remember that New York does have laws on the books about just how much snow and ice you have to remove from your vehicle for it to be safe to drive (to prevent chunks from blowing backwards into cars behind you). The stuff attached to this car probably has the same danger factor, if not more, being more solid than some snow.

  5. This is probably just further proof that I am just a jaded New Yorker with no hope in humanity but my first thought was “Did they use miracle glue?”. I can’t for the life of me understand how this car could have survived on the streets without being stripped of all its glory within hours of being parked. I’ve seen people stand on their own cars to unscrew parking signs just to legitimize their not so legitimate parking spot. Perhaps the fact that it is on the UWS helped to keep the figures attached a bit longer.

  6. Nope… there’s another weird car always parked on 27th between 2nd and 3rd. It’s a brown car and the owner is this african a mercian woman who looks like she’s a 70’s inspired Barbarella.

    Check it out..

  7. although this is a very unusual vehicle, i believe the weirdest car in the city is frequently parked in front of my apartment at the southern end of msg. mcgolrick park in greenpoint. several blog posts already exist about this vehicle, but this one has the best pics. check it out!