Lamb Skulls in Times Square

The cool thing about the Lamb’s Theater (currently under renovation) on West 44th Street in Times Square?

Lamb Theater 01

The row of fairly unnoticeable lamb skulls lining the exterior.

Lamb Theater 02

Sort of a weird building motif, especially for family-friendly Times Square, no?


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  1. They aren’t real, are they??

    By the way, just watned to say great job on the blog, its a great read.


  2. It’s interesting that it’s a ram’s skull although, given the name of the theatre, it makes sense.

    You’ll notice, if you look at the second or third storeys of a lot of turn-of-the-century architecture in the city, a motif of an ox skull hung with garlands. This was a common motif in antiquity, from Roman temples (referring to sacrificial oxen).

    Here’s an example I was able to find in a quick Google images search (although not one in NYC):

  3. I find it odd that not only did you find these skull motifs on the building…but the building itself looks to be closed/abandoned! Former cult lodge perhaps?

  4. @Ali: the Scout notes in the first paragraph that the building is being renovated.

  5. Those are rams’ skulls, not lambs’ skulls.