A Skull & Dagger in Barcelona


I went to Spain last summer shortly after finishing a huge stressful film job and had an amazing time (despite my surprise to learn that the midday temperature in the south often hits 104°…I, uh, should really do my research before I go on these things).

I spent a week in Barcelona where a friend of mine was living, and one cool bit he showed me in the city is this arch.

Arch 01

On the underside are several designs, including a skull with a dagger through it. According to my friend, you’re supposed to make a wish, close your eyes, go under the arch, look up, and open them. If the first thing you see is the skull, local legend has it that your wish will come true. Ready to try? Close your eyes and scroll down…





Here it comes….






Arch 02

Did you see it? I guess this doesn’t work so well when the arch is five inches across (I didn’t see the skull myself at full size, sadly). Nevertheless, what fantastic-design work. The skull in particular is awesome:

Arch 03

Don’t forget Spain on your life’s list of to-visits. Things like this are around every corner.


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  1. Ooooooh! Now that’s morbid and creepy! 😀 I wonder what the other symbols under the arch represent as well?

  2. Oh my gosh! I saw it first time!! Except I was totally expecting not to see it, as I never normally do well on these things (magic eye puzzles were always beyond me)… so… I didn’t make a wish!! Damnnn!

  3. LOVED this post, the photos, and the architecture.

  4. Just to let you know this bridge right now connects the government building with the vice presidency department (left). The VP building is called “Casa dels Canonges” and the street is called “Carrer del Bisbe”. Unfortunately google street maps car couldn’t drive inside this narrow street for some reason.

  5. We were in Valencia Spain, almost two years ago. I couldn’t get over the sidewalks done in marble. Beautiful city

  6. Great Pictures!
    And how sunny it was.it’s been raining in the last few days! I miss the sun!

    Just to add that this arch is in the “barrio gótic” (gothic quarter).

  7. So glad I read this before going to Barcelona, just come back and found the arch just off the Government square – totally beautiful city, amazing place, will be going back. I couldn’t remember what the whole story was about the arch but made my friends stop, close eyes and look up – all saw skull first but none of us made a wish! We had a fab time tho so maybe it does work!

  8. I live in Barcelona and i know this place, is sited on the gothic neighbour, near the cathedral.
    If anyone of you come to visit Barcelona (BCN) e-mail me, and I recomend some places to go and see.

    PS: I´ll go to visit NY on Halloween, for 2 weeks and I´m reading all, and when I say all it´s ALL! looking for things to see and visit.

    I think your blog is absolutely delicious.