Leaving NY: Newark’s Little Red Diner

Note: I think this might be gone.

Unless you need to be somewhere on time, I find that getting lost is often one of the best things that can happen to you. Today, I was heading back to the city from Bayonne, NJ, and got confused trying to follow my iPhone’s directions to the highway. I ended up on Wilson Avenue and had the pleasure of passing by this awesome diner next to I-95.

Diner 001

I really, really love the simplicity of this diner. For some reason, most highway diners feel the need to be way over the top when it comes to stainless steel, and I find most of it to be inauthentic and ugly as hell. To me, nothing is more perfect than an understated mix of steel and a single color or two. Note the brick base and stairs, a great touch.

Diner 005

Sadly, it’s out of business (I think it used to known as Andros Diner) but I imagine it might be available for film shoots, for anyone looking. Very 1960’s/1970’s feel to the interior. Doesn’t seem to have been out of business for that long.

Diner 003

At least the birds still like to hang out here.

Diner 004


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  1. Very cool diner photos! I’ll see if my pal Larry knows anything about it.

  2. Great article you’ll have to send us the paper. They did not show all the pictures on the web.

  3. Just called…they’ve stripped the inside and are turning it into an office building.