Locations Puzzler: Where Was This Photo Taken?

A beautiful autumn day on a secluded New York lake. Endless blue sky stretches out over its perfectly mirrored surface. No sounds to be heard other than the rustle of leaves.


Click for larger pan!

 OK, enough of that. Where was this photo taken?? Give it your best guess in the comments – a general region or area (Catskills, Westchester, etc.) accepted! Answer Friday…


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  1. Camp Crystal Lake?

  2. new york state, i win

  3. I would guess this is in the Far Rockaway.

  4. Darn, I rotated the picture to read the lettering on the boats and it was just a brand name, Sea Nymph.
    I am going to guess Lake Ronkonkoma

  5. Hempstead Lake State Park or one of those Parks on Long Island that made up the old Brooklyn Water System

  6. Bear Mountain?

  7. Bear Mtn or Harriman State Park — right next door to each other. And very pretty this time of year.

  8. I’m going with a lake in the general area of New Paltz, i.e. Kerhonkson, Kingston, etc.

  9. Staten Island – Boy Scout Camp. Shot this there a couple years ago:

  10. I’m going for Central Park. If i am wrong then my excuse is because I live in England!

  11. Looks like Prospect Park to me.

  12. My first guess would be Prospect Park, but maybe somewhere in the Adirondacks or Finger Lakes.

  13. Fahnestock State Park.

  14. Doesn’t really look hilly enough to be my native Finger Lakes, but that could just be the angle at which it was taken.

  15. Harriman State Park.

  16. It is Lake Tear of The Clouds.

  17. Cross River Resivior

  18. You can rule out the Adirondacks.

  19. Lake Champlain?

  20. Swan Lake at Rockefeller State Park

  21. Schroon lake

  22. Lake George?

  23. Got beat to it, yeah boy scout camp in SI. worked on a couple of productions there. they were building a set for the bourne franchise last time i was there (supposedly).

    • They did indeed; they were filming in mid-November when my cub pack went camping. They were just wrapping up a burn scene the afternoon we arrived.

  24. After finding this: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/8852095 I’m changing my mind and going with Grove and Juan… SI Boy Scout Camp

  25. I agree. It’s the Staten Island Boy Scout Camp.