This Fish Factory Sign Looks Familiar…

OK, is it just me, or does this sign for Marshall’s Greenpoint Fish Factory…


…look a hell of a lot like the logo for Marshall’s the discount clothing chain?



 Just something I wonder about every time I get on the BQE from Greenpoint.


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  1. Who knows where Marshall’s may have originated. Radio Shack started out as a leather craft supply store.

    • If you mean Marshalls the clothing store, its origin is well-documented. It’s never been anything except a retail company. A group of businessmen opened up the first store in suburban Boston in 1956.

  2. Marshall’s Fish Store has been gone for like 10 years now. No one to file a Cease and Desist Order against anymore.

  3. You should also see the EZ Gas station sign on 1&9 if you’re talking about signs looking familiar.

  4. There’s an eerie similarity between the logo for Makita Cosmetics ( and Makita Tools ( Not exactly the same, but close enough to know better.

  5. I don’t know when Marshall’s the fish store opened, but it’s probably older than Marshalls clothes store, which dates back to 1956. So it’s more likely that the fish store has the first claim on the logo.

  6. You’d be incorrect Karina. Radio Shack was started in 1921 by two brothers in Boston who wanted to provide equipment for ham radio operators. It was purchased by Tandy Corp. in 1962. Tandy originally was a leather good company.

  7. And to answer the question, yes it does look familiar. In the typography world there are many fonts but not all that many that people use and it is common for companies to spend a lot of money to make sure they don’t have type that looks like anyone elses. Still it happens quite often.

  8. Awesome. I stay in that building in 2013 when I was on vacation for 20 days. On the inside is quite large and from the roof you can see a great skyline of manhattan