Masked Vigilante on 42nd Street

In these troubling times, it is refreshing to know that somewhere in the Socony-Mobil building…


…Perched high above 42nd Street…


…A masked avenger keeps a constant vigil over us.



PS – The Socony-Mobil building at 150 East 42nd Street is one of my all-time favorite buildings in New York. Interesting fact: The raised patterns on the stainless steel panels are not just decorative – they were actually designed to make the building self-cleaning! Rain and wind is all it takes to give the building a wash…allegedly

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  1. LOVE this building. Keen eye to catch that superhero.

  2. Funny. I used to work at an ad agency in that building (there are probably still a few there, hence the window art). I always considered it one of the ugliest in the city. Now I’m questioning my taste!

  3. LOL . . . love the secret superhero!

    I’ve seen this building several times on visits to NYC. It’s amazing how different it looks depending upon the time of day and whether it’s sunny or overcast.

    It would be cool to see someone do a timelapse of the building during a day that has variations in the amount of direct light.

  4. Oh, I LOVE this building! I worked at the Grand Hyatt for 10 years, all through the 1980s, and that area is just a paradise of fabulous buildings. This one, the old Bowery Savings Bank across from the hotel with its gorgeous coffered ceilings, GCT to the west and the Chrysler building to the east, the old Daily News building down 42nd and 2nd Ave…more than one can count. Nice to be inside the hideous Hyatt and be able to look out at all that glory!

  5. Its amazing you were able to spot this and take a photo! +

  6. I worked in that building at Mobil Oil from 1977-1980. Haven’t been back since but it was an awesome looking structure.

  7. My Dad used to work at the Mobil Oild building for Mobil Oil,1951-1983.I went there many times as a boy into adulthood.He had his office on the 9th floor and it looked out onto the Chrysler building. By seeing this web site, it invoked so many memories, especially one.It was my fifteenth birthday, (late 1960’s), and my Mom and I went to see Dad in his office where we went out to dinner on my birthday to a Japanese restaurant.Funny how when you’re younger you don’t pay attention to your surroundings as much as you do when older. I love architecture and can now appreciate how unique this building is, as well as it being a part of my family history for decades.

  8. Great find. How high up is this/what floor is it on?