Most Valuable New York Local Affairs Blogger??

bloggerForget that Oscar dream – I’ve been nominated for the CBS 2011 Most Valuable New York Blogger Awards!  Sweet!

Specifically, I’m in the Local Affairs category, and if you happen to feel I am indeed New York’s Most Valuable Local Affairs Blogger, you can vote for me here. In fact, if you really think I’m New York’s Most Valuable Local Affairs Blogger, you can vote every day between now and September 9th, when the contest ends.

Special thanks to @jabberwocky213 for bringing this to my attention via Twitter- I honestly had no idea this was going on!


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  1. Congratulations, Scout! A well-deserved honor. I dashed off to vote for you before even finishing reading the post.

  2. Vanishing NY mentioned this vote oh his blog as well. When I went to check it out and saw you were nominated as well I had to vote for you instead. LOVE your blog. 🙂

  3. You got my vote, and I truly wish you to win the award. This blog made me love New York even more than I did, so thank you very much!

  4. As an ex-new yorker living in chicago, i’ll do what every native “windy
    city” voter would do, vote early and often. You’ve got my vote scout!

  5. No contest for me, you’ve got my vote(s)!

  6. You’ve got my vote, too! I check your site regularly for cool stuff and am never disappointed. (and, ever since you rescued and found a home for the little pit abandoned on the Williamsburg Bridge, you are my hero!)