New Scouting NY Contest! Where Am I?…


Scouting NY and have teamed up to bring you locations puzzlers with some pretty great prizes!

This week’s prize: a $25 gift certificate to the Village’s Red Bamboo restaurant!

To enter, just figure out New York City location pictured above and submit your answer to! And even if you’ve never been to the location above, there are enough clues in the picture to solve it with the right Google search!

The Rules:

  1. Contest begins as of the date of this post through Sunday, March 13 at 11.59pm (this Sunday!).
  2. One entry per person
  3. You must send the correct address of the mystery location above to
  4. Probably should include your name and address so we can mail you your prize if you win (your info will not be shared with anyone)
  5. From the correct answers, a single winner will be chosen
  6. This is just for fun – rules subject to change whenever Scout deems it necessary
  7. No complaining!

Be sure to check out our sponsors, (Facebook, Twitter) for some pretty amazing deals in New York and other cities across the country!


PS – If you’d like to sponsor a Scouting NY contest, send me an e-mail at I’ve had a few contests in mind that could use a spiffy prize or two, including one specifically geared toward photography, and I’m open to pretty much anything.

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