New York City Streets Are Magic

Even the cobblestone ones, apparently. Man, did this take me by surprise…

Seen in front of the NYSE.


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  1. Pretty cool. Read about the design a couple years ago.

  2. Oh are they working again? Seems like every time I walk past them they’re just open and they have pickup trucks doing access control instead of the gates. After Sandy they had usual portable gates on top of these.

  3. Cool to see it working! I was by there the other week and they were only using the pickup trucks.

    Also I believe the street stones are, technically speaking, setts and not cobblestones.

  4. I worked on the NYSE from 1998-2001, it has become nothing but a television studio.

  5. Not cool. Barricades to protect these bastards? At taxpayer expense? Are you out of your frickin minds?

    • @native nyer, even if you think the Wall Street crowd don’t need protection, what about everyone else? A native nyer would know that every building also has doormen, janitorial staff, administrative staff, families visiting offices, tourists, and as Danny and Chris mentioned, the television staff. I suppose those people don’t deserve to be protected either?

  6. My favorites are the glittery sidewalks the city poured in the 1970s; ground glass was mixed with the concrete, so when you walk on them at night they pick up surrounding light and sparkle like some magic fairy path. There are still some on 6th Avenue in the 40s and 50s, wish they were all over the place.

  7. @native nyer,
    like Chris said above your comment, most of the ppl in there now are just posing for cnbc and the likes. most of the trades are done by computers anyway.

  8. Pretty cool. @Gojira – I love the glittery sidewalks too. I never knew why it was only a few blocks.

  9. Yea, there are a few of those downtown. But most of the time they use trucks.

  10. I love that dog on the left, shortly after the start. He gives a little tail wag – I think he knew he was on camera! Or he liked the moving sidewalk, too.

  11. You’ve got some kind of virus/inserting thing going on there.

    When looking at this article on the home page it tries to show – – which my virus scanner blocks.

    Check your source code.. I think it’s an include file thing.

    p.s. great site!

  12. Gojira —

    Yes, that glassphalt is gorgeous.