Newsroom Scandal!! Did NY1 Rip Off Super Mario Bros. 3?

OK, this has been driving me nuts for years. Every time the NY1 weather report comes on, there’s a jingle in the background. And I SWEAR I know it from somewhere:

Then I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 the other day – and I realized why I was having such severe deja vu:

I think we can all agree that NY1 has clearly stolen the post-boss-fight music from Super Mario III and used it to back their Weather On The Ones reports – AS IF WE WOULDN’T NOTICE.

For shame, NY1! Sadly, this revelation will most likely destroy NY1’s journalistic credibility and lead to the demise of the network, but that is the price you pay for lifting music from the Mushroom Kingdom.


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  1. I assumed NY1 meant it to sound like rain falling… blessedly, I was never a Mario Bros geek…

  2. is this a joke or…

  3. I’ve been thinking this for years. Finally someone else hears it. None of my friends watch NY1 as religiously as I do; it was tough to find someone to confirm this. Thank you.

  4. As awesome as all your other stuff is, this is probably my favorite post of yours. “I was playing SMB 3 the other day”?! This makes me want to buy you a bagel from Russ & Daughters the next time I’m in NYC.


  6. OMG, you’ve uncovered a dark secret! Be careful! lol

  7. I have also been saying this forever. Every time I hear that music I hold my hand up in the air like Mario falling through the stars holding the boss key.

  8. Glad to hear you’ve finally caught on to the NYC internet’s least kept secret!

  9. I thought exactly the same thing when I heard it around a year ago, but thought I was alone!!

  10. Huh. I totally don’t hear the mario music in that weather report…

  11. Holy shit. I just heard the weather music and thought to myself, “where do I know this music from?” I googled Mario Bros 3 falling music and this was the second search result. You are not alone. Complete rip.