NY’s Green Mutant Teenagers Celebrate 25 Years

Yesterday, the Empire State building was lit up green for Earth Day. Tonight (Thursday, April 23), it will also be green, but for an entirely different reason, ironically celebrating an event that could have never occurred on a clean planet…

Empire 1

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Anyone born pre-1980 will probably groan at this, but for children of the 80’s, you should get a slight ping of nostalgia to see the Turtles honored on the tallest building in Manhattan. You should also start feeling old.

Also celebrating the anniversary is the Tribeca Film Festival, which will be showing the live-action 1990 film TONIGHT for FREE at the World Financial Center Plaza! Not only will the Turtles and April O’Neil make a live appearance, but the plaza itself is going to be decorated like their underground sewer lair, complete with a real Party Wagon(!) for all to explore. There will be face-painting, live karate demos, and more.

Activities begin at 6:15, movie starts at dusk (approx. 8:15). It kills me that we’re working nights this week – this sounds like it could be fun.


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  1. Goddammit! It’s for things like this that make me miss New York City so much it hurts…

  2. My unborn grandchildren were too old for TMNT. I am high and proverbially dry.

  3. “Turtles in a half-shell…”