Partners in Preservation: Go vote now!

preseAwesome news: New York City has been selected as the 2012 location for the Partners in Preservation program, which awards a substantial amount of money in grants to help restore historic properties throughout the country.

Forty locations throughout the five boroughs are eligible to receive $3 Million in grants. How does that happen? It’s up to you! Just go to the Partners in Preservation website and vote for who you’d like to see receive the money!

There are a ton of great locations on the list, from Coney Island’s B&B Carousel to the City Island Nautical Museum, from the Helen Hayes Theater to Cleopatra’s Needle.

In addition, Scouting NY will be teaming up with the Partners in Preservation to offer a unique at some of these properties, including portions that are normally off limits to the public. Stay tuned in the coming weeks!!

And be sure to vote!!!


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  1. Dang! I was kinda hoping those Admirals Walk houses would be on the list…

    Still–so much goodness! It’s really hard to pick just one a day.

  2. I love your site, read it all the time. This is my first comment here, I just wanted to say thanks for the specific shout out to the City Island Nautical Museum. I am from CI and have been working with team from the Museum to get the word out to vote.

    Also.. you should check City Island out soon and do a post on it, tons of interesting locations, it’s used in movies and TV shows all the time.

  3. I voted for the High Line – tons 0f excellent choices though! Thanks for a really cool site and all your hard work. Love it!