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Last Tuesday, Scouting NY celebrated its third birthday – hooray! In the past year alone, that’s over 125 new articles with more than 1,300 pictures.


So here is my once-a-year fund-raising drive request to you, my readers:

If you’re a fan of Scouting NY, would you please please consider making a donation to my film fund?

I love doing Scouting NY, but my true passion is filmmaking. For the past three years, I’ve been writing and revising a screenplay I plan to produce and direct in the very near future, as soon as next summer. It’s just about done. And though I might be biased, I think it’s very, very good.


Rumor has it, a desk actually exists beneath the many revisions of my script

This year’s fund-raising goal is $15,000. To date, 417 generous readers have contributed a WHOPPING $8,606.59, which is simply amazing. But I know there are more than 417 of you out there, and if every regular reader gave what they thought a year’s worth of Scouting NY was worth (individual donations have ranged from $1 all the way to $500), we’d hit the goal in no time.

Of course, everyone who donates gets their name in the credits. Also, for anyone who donates $10 or more (and lives in the USA), you get your choice of snazzy sticker…


…or snazzy 1″ pin. Donate more than $20 and you get both!


Beyond that, all I can offer in return is my gratitude, a great film, and of course, another year of Scouting NY.

Since last November, I’ve written about pretty much everything, from an abandoned mental asylum, to the last arcade in Chinatown, to a 1950’s beach club, to the empty 8th Avenue post office, to an old Aztec theater, to a forgotten children’s camp, to an abandoned chemical plant, to an empty McKim, Mead, & White mansion and dozens more.

I’m looking forward to another year of the unexpected gems and hidden surprises that make New York the best damn city in the world. Thank you as always for your continued readership and support!

-Nick (SCOUT)

PS – If you’d like to send a donation via snail mail, shoot me an email at for the address.

If you enjoyed reading this post, would you consider making a donation to help me make my first movie? The goal is $50,000, and to date, 1,728 Scouting NY readers have donated $36,348! Just $5 or $10 can make a difference - AND you get this snazzy Scouting NY sticker/magnet as a Thank-You gift! Click here to donate today!


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  1. sorry i could only donate 10.73, its all that was in my paypal account. good luck raising more money! (also, i love this website)

  2. Nick, you are a champion. Wish I had more money to give!

  3. Have you thought about using Kick Starter to raise the remaining money?

  4. Kickstarter idea +1!

  5. Gave a couple bucks. Good luck. I want your job! Need an assistant?

  6. Hey Nick. How much does a fan in Vancouver, BC have to donate to get a sticker? Also I love abandoned transportation infrastructure so if you get a chance to see any (beyond City Hall station) would love to see it. Great site, keep it coming!

  7. On the West Coast, Northern California. Will I get word when your film is done and an invite to a showing. I’ve just discovered this blog via a friend on Facebook. I think it’s brilliant. Would love to hear more about the film. Sorry it’s only a $20 donation, but I will check back after Christmas. Congratulations on your successes thus far, and continued good luck.