Can You Help Scout Make A Movie?

On November 8, Scouting NY celebrated its fourth birthday – Hooray!! To date, that’s over 550 posts and nearly 10,000 pictures highlighting the beautiful, strange, and overlooked places I come across in my travels as a movie location scout in New York City.


So here is my once-a-year movie fund-raising request to you, the constant reader:

If you’re a fan of Scouting NY and have enjoyed my work over the past year, would you please please consider making a donation to my film fund?

Goal: $30,000

Raised so far: $24,364.69

Readers Who
Donated: 1,137

I love writing Scouting NY, but my true passion is filmmaking, and I’ve been planning my first feature film just as long as I’ve been doing the site. There have been a few bumps in the road, but if everything goes right, 2013 should be the year I finally get behind the camera to make a very fun, very scary movie.

This year, I’ve made a new Thank-You gift to give back to readers who donate: a professionally-printed bumper sticker/magnet with the most important advice Scouting NY has to offer:


The background image is a wonderful 1940s vintage subway map I found on eBay. I’ve printed both sticker and magnet versions, each measuring 12″ wide x 3.5″ tall.

So here’s how it works: donate $15 or more and you’ll receive the STICKER version as a thank-you gift; donate $20 or more and you’ll receive the MAGNET version instead as a thank-you gift! (non-US readers, see below). 

Just consider the many uses for a totally hip Scouting NY bumper sticker/magnet! Affix it to your car, and surprise passing motorists with a message that doesn’t cause politically-charged car collisions!


Slap it on the fridge and use it to support any number of overdue bills, embarrassing photographs, and junk mail you forget why you hung up in the first place.


Skip those garish clip-on laptop covers and spruce up your computer in style!


Disappointed you got stuck with an NYPD Interceptor III scooter instead of an actual cruiser? Show ’em who’s boss with a Scouting NY sticker!


Driving a taxi? Impress tourists with – er, OK, maybe you shouldn’t have a bumper sticker heralding the fun of getting lost if you’re a taxi driver.


But those boring grey-logoed S-trains could always use a burst of color…


The stickers are very adhesive and will attach to most surfaces, including marble staircase railings:


They’re also super durable – the test magnet on my car survived both Hurricane Sandy AND the snowstorm that followed a few days later.


And is there a better Christmas or Hanukkah gift for that special Scouting NY reader in your life?


Again, here’s how it breaks down:

Donate at least $15 – Scouting NY Bumper Sticker

Donate $20 or more – Scouting NY Bumper Magnet (or a sticker, your choice)

To date, 815 readers have donated anywhere from $1 – $500, the average being $20, and every penny has been locked away in a special “Film Fund” savings account. As I’ve said many times before, this is not the tip jar at the pizza parlor. This is my dream project, and I’m putting everything into it.

Since last November, I’ve covered pretty much everything, including my Titanic Guide To New York City, an abandoned cold war missile base hidden in the Adirondacks, a derelict hospital on Ellis Island, the movie locations of Annie Hall, and dozens more. Scouting NY has been and will always be a labor of love to the city I call home. I look forward to another year of unexpected treasures and mysterious surprises.


PS – What is the movie about? What, you haven’t figured it out yet? There are a couple of links on this very page that will give you some clues – look carefully!



This is my first time attempting to send out donation gifts abroad. Here’s how it works:

  • Canadian readers: donate at least $17 USD and receive a sticker; donate $22 USD or more and receive the magnet!
  • European readers: donate at least $20 USD or more and receive a sticker; donate $25 USD or more and receive the magnet!
  • All other foreign readers: go to the US Post Office website here, enter your country, select Large Envelope, and enter “5 ounces” for the weight. Click NEXT, then CONTINUE through the next screen without selecting anything. On the Pricing page that comes up, click FIRST CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL OPTIONS, and add the amount onto the US prices posted above. So, if you want a sticker and it costs $4.89 USD for mailing, make a donation of at least 19.89 USD. If you want a magnet, donate at least $29.89 USD.

PPPS – Why not a Kickstarter campaign? It’s too early. As I get closer to filming, when all the details are in and the final budget is calculated, I might turn to Kickstarter to fill in the gap, but for the moment, I don’t see a reason to put a time limit on an on-going project.

If you enjoyed reading this post, would you consider making a donation to help me make my first movie? The goal is $50,000, and to date, 1,728 Scouting NY readers have donated $36,348! Just $5 or $10 can make a difference - AND you get this snazzy Scouting NY sticker/magnet as a Thank-You gift! Click here to donate today!


And hey, if you've made it this far, why not follow us via RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr?


  1. When I sent $25 2 years ago, just a thank you would have been great :p

  2. Hi Bart –

    Shooting you an email, I send out thank you’s with all the stickers and pins I’ve sent out, which you should’ve received. Sorry about that!


  3. Are 4 year olds considered strapping or precocious? I will ante up for a magnet for my sister, she is lost in the wilds of Washington state.

  4. Here’s a brainteaser for the knowledgeable readers on this site. This photograph from 1957 is posted at Gothamist today, and is described as an “unidentified Harlem block.” There’s not much to go by, just a couple of generic business signs and small glimpses of non-noteworthy buildings. All I can say is that the view is along an avenue, given the short blocks visible on the left, and that there is a subway entrance one block away.

  5. Donated previously. But it was a while ago. I’ll go for the magnet, I think!
    I keep my sticker from the last campaign on my fridge.

  6. Not just asking for a magnet! I donated again.

    I want to be clear!!

  7. Do you have an actual address in NYC I could stop by? I will only be there for three days, Dec 9-11.
    Not sure where you would be or if I could get there but would try.

  8. Nick:

    Thank you for the pins and stickers you sent last year. Donated again yesterday; but you do not need to send me anything. You have given me a lot already with your regular posts and the in depth details that you share with us.


  9. Hi Nick,
    we found the Train by ourselves when we were Shopping at Bloomingdales. When I tried to share my experience with other on Facebook I found your page. Great work! Send me a link once you made your first Vid.
    Regards, Detlef

  10. I just donated and consider it long overdue. I love your site and hope you keep it going for a long time. Thanks for your sharing your dedication and talent.

  11. never thought of trying kickstarter…?


  12. I just love your blog, Nick! I am a city girl born and raised. Now I live on the Jersey Shore, but I worked in the city and loved to trek around and explore the streets and the architecture. Advancing multiple sclerosis has put an end to all that for me, but your posts let me vicariously continue to explore the city.

    So I am happy to have been able to contribute to your film fund, even though I could only donate a modest amount. I thank you for the great vision you share in your blog and I wish you much luck in reaching your goal!

  13. I find bits and pieces of history tucked away in corners, on postmarks, and even by shape of a hill. This manner in which you were able to discover an entire textbook of visually explained history allows me to continue on my quest, to say hi, and tell a story. The ability to find these atmospheric exotic revivals, leaves a fresh cheery mood, in the glum bowl of dis-considered considerations.

  14. Just sent you a donation for $25 via PayPal. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the theatre. Good luck with your efforts to produce a film. I am a writer and producer as well, although in the advertising world. I hope your dream becomes reality.

  15. Christina Fritsch

    Hi Nick,
    I donated in two payments. Could you send me a bumper sticker by Valentines Day? I would love to give it to my husband.
    Great work! Love the Valencia theater which I’ll check out next month.

  16. You’d probably raise money faster by doing this fundraising on Kickstarter

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