Puzzler Answer: Swayze Rides The…

While staying in a somewhat sketchy motel in the south, my girlfriend and I were flipping through the nine or ten working cable channels and fell into watching the movie Ghost. Early on in the film, Patrick Swayze and his girlfriend move into a loft located at 104 Prince Street in the heart of Soho. Shortly after, the Swayze-man takes a subway train to his job on Wall Street.

Lives in Soho. Works on Wall Street. The question: how does he get there?


Of course, common sense says Swayze should leave his house and simply walk to the RW stop RIGHT ON THE CORNER and take the train directly to Rector Street. Or, if he has some weird aversion to the RW, he could always walk three blocks over to the 6 stop at Spring Street. A bit out of the way, but who maybe he likes to ride alongside Upper East Siders.

So which is it?


That’s right – Patrick Swayze rides the JMZ from Prince & Broadway, one of the weirdest routes he could take to get to Wall Street, requiring a solid half-a-mile walk to the stop (conceivably, he could transfer somewhere along the way, but this would just eat up time for no real gain).

Of course, the JMZ was probably picked for aesthetic reasons (the Broad Street exit has a pretty photogenic backdrop) coupled with what the MTA would allow them to use (every single subway scene in the film takes place on a JMZ train or station).

Congrats to StrawbrryF for the first correct answer!


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  1. Well..the subway station (inside) was filmed in an abandoned plataform on 42st in the bottom of the downtown A line (8av). The entrance has been seal. you can see a big scuare that doesnt fit to the rest of the floor. The plataform has been almost destroyed to make room for the extencion of thr 7 line.

  2. hey scout –

    in your experience, does the MTA generally only allow access to certain subway platforms? (i’ve seen quite a few subway shoots on the Shuttle with the signs replaced by whatever line they need)

    just curious!

    – heath

  3. The JMZ doesn’t stop at Prince and Broadway…that’s the N/R. He could’ve transferred at Canal St. to the JMZ though. That half-mile walk you speak of is to the JMZ stop at Bowery and Delancey.