Scouting NY Map Finally Updated

Quick site update – at long last, I’ve finally updated the Scouting NY Google Map with just about every location I’ve ever written about. Click to check it out…


I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to keep it updated this time, I swear!


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  1. Yay, my Twitter pleading/your New Years resolution worked! This makes it so much easier to see places nearby to explore. Thanks, Scout!

  2. And I just today booked a couple of days in New York! Perfect timing. I’ll be using this map religiously 🙂

  3. Scout – just a heads up which might make this job easier… There is a WordPress plug-in that I’ve used on my blog called WP-Geo (I’m sure there are others) – and it pretty much automates this task for you.

    Once you set it up – you can assign locations to blog posts, and once the post is added, the map will automatically update with a pin at the location.

    It might be a pain to go back and assign locations to previous blog posts which will associate with the plugin, but if you do, all you have to do is add the location for each time you post and you’re done!

    keep up the awesome blog!

  4. Holy Gotham Geography Batman! Being one of the unforunates (should be living up there but not, I’ve read Scout’s blog for awhile now. And when I go up there to destress, I usually find at least a couple of locations to go to. Last time it was up in the wilds of Manhattan way up 168th at the terrace he blogged about. I recommend this site to people who are going to NYC. I even recommend it to my sister who lives there!

    Keep up the fantastic work Scout!