Confirmed! Scouting NY On CBS News Sunday Morning…This Sunday Morning!

Just got word – I will be featured on CBS News Sunday Morning…this Sunday morning!


Last week, CBS filmed a segment about my work as a location scout in New York City, which should air at 9 AM on Sunday. We had a lot of fun going around to some famous movie locations in New York, and they even shot some footage on the set of the film I’m currently working on. No clue if my appearance will last a few minutes or a few seconds once it’s edited, but it was an honor to be asked, and I can’t wait to see the final segment.

So if you happen to be awake on Sunday morning at 9:00 am (I’m going to have to set my alarm), check it out on CBS!

Also, Scouting NY buttons finally came!


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  1. That’s great. You deserve it and much more.

  2. Awesome! I watch that show every Sunday, faithfully. (Though I set my DVR so I can watch it at my leisure.) Congrats to you!

  3. Congratulations! That’s the perfect tv show for this blog. Their stories never feel rushed, so I’m betting that you’ll get a few minutes of airtime.

  4. You bet I’ll be watching! I love that show and equally love your blog. You’re a perfect fit. Well done Scout!

  5. Looking forward to it! Sunday Morning is one of the most consistently interesting and entertaining programs on TV. I hope it’s a Martha Teichner segment — she’s my favorite!

  6. Can’t wait to see it!

  7. Yea! Just set up my recorder!

  8. Congrats! I DVR CBS Sunday Morning every week, so I won’t miss it. Love your blog; it’s a treat to read and I look forward to your posts.

  9. I will totally try to watch. If some of us don’t quite make it, is there a chance you will be able to post a video of it? It’s definitely something I want to see one way or another.

    Congratulations! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer blogger. 🙂

  10. Ditto to all of the above comments. I never miss CBS Sunday Morning, and I never miss checking in to Scouting NY. I’m looking forward to seeing it this weekend!


  11. we’ll tape and watch nick! A+

  12. Hey Scout…the New York Times has a debate going on in their “Complaint Box” column online right now regarding film productions blocking streets & sidewalks. Don’t know if you’ve seen it or not.

  13. Yes. I wrote that, Dewey. I wrote it almost a year ago and somehow it worked as a rebuff to that other woman’s piece.

    Here is what I just emailed to you, Scout:

    Read your response. No one asked me to write on the film industry’s behalf. Every week I submit to Complaint Box because I love to write. They chose to print the piece on my complaint about mean people who hate us. I have written about everything from potholes and my grandfather’s record store to idling garbage trucks and psychics. Every week, I sit down and write and then I press send. Printing my work is a dream come true. All at the end of a lonnnnnng work week on set.

    I only had 500 words or less. I could not possibly cover everything for the layman now, could I?

    You could have submitted anything at anytime. In fact, go for it. Anyone could write at any time. It does not cost a cent.

    So please, don’t make a monkey of me with a response like that. I am a Second AD and a DGA member and board member. The locations department are my friends. I have no idea why you had to be so aggressive towards me when in fact you and I are on the same team. It’s an embarrassment.

    Why have we not met?


  14. Oh, and didn’t you say you would not get involved?

    Well, YOU DID. You have to know how many of my colleagues read your response and were like, “WTF…”

    Not getting involved would have meant not writing anything at all.

    BTW, I do love this blog. Been “trolling” you, too. For a long time actually. Well done! I mean that sincerely. It’s a completely different piece of business than what I am writing about re: my piece. You have quite a few silent followers that I know of, in fact.

    But back to me… big, fat sigh. 🙂

    • This was my response to Betsy, who read the comment I left in a completely different way than I meant it. “Trolling”, again, does not refer to Betsy, but to ALLLL the people who come out of the woodwork to complain complain complain in the comments, NOT Betsy!!

      Hey Betsy –

      Haha, PLEASE tell me where in this I am agressive!!

      “Wow – while I agree with everything Betsy said (I do!), she left out a LOT of information (you did!) (trust me, the defense is NOT that what we do is OK because the deli on the corner makes an extra $100)(<----this is in response to NUMEROUS comments who claim this is what we mean when we "give money back to the neighborhoods we film in," not anything you said), and I wish you had asked someone in, say, locations to write the counter response (didn't realize it was voluntary). This has just turned into an complaint fest (it has), and three pages of comments down, it’s not worth getting into. Too bad, because you could have tried to inform."(<---this is directed at the NY Times, who chose to start this argument, that frankly just brings up a debate that solves nothing). I promise, I am not angry at all at you, nor did I make you out to be a "monkey," nor do I feel we're on opposing teams. I also didn't realize this was a voluntary response - but here's the thing. I've had to defend filming in NYC quite frequently - in fact, I did so in a NY Times piece just last year - and what I've learned is that people don't care about what "we" think, how "I" feel as film people, even if we have to do some horrible, draining tasks in our work. There's a lot of I and we in your piece, but not a lot of "you" - why this benefits you, the NY resident who could care less about the movies, perhaps doesn't even go to the movies. And that's what they want to hear, that we don't forget about the "you." Everything from the Price Waterhouse Cooper's independent audit of the tax rebate program proving that it BRINGS IN money to NY, to how many jobs it creates IN NY (lots of people think everyone comes from LA), the insane level of tourism movies like Night at the Museum and Sex and the City bring in (ask the museum how their visitor rate jumped after that), etc., bring the point away from "us." Ultimately suggesting your minor inconvenience of changing the route to work is a small sacrifice for a HUGE gain. Again, no negativity meant. But the debate turned really vicious, and without all the facts, on the table, it's never worth having the debate to begin with. Nick

  15. Congrats Nick, will attempt to remember to put on the TV in 10 hours. Hi Betsy (assuming you are the Betsy 2nd AD I’ve worked with!).
    Nothing negative to say, I’m grateful for any shoot of any kind in the city to keep us all employed from time to time.

  16. That is fantabulous. Wow them with wonderfulness.

  17. Great Court House and downtown for film making. I have many links on my website.

  18. What an awesome segment! A real dream job.

  19. Saw the piece on TV this morning. Fascinating and fun! LOVED it.
    If you’re ever looking for a small art gallery to film in, I have one to rent!