Scouting NY on the BBC!

I recently gave a tour of some of my favorite hidden NYC locations for the BBC’s First Person series. I’m sure these are familiar to you frequent readers, but they’re all still favorites of mine, and it was fun to revisit them all in one day. Enjoy!


BBC: Location Scout’s Guide To New York


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  1. I follow your blog for a long time and it’s nice to discover who is behind the lens. Thanks for sharing with us the strange/fantastic/weird places in New-York City.

  2. Don’t ever lose sight of how lucky you are to have a job you love. I think of people like you when I am at my (hated) job and dream of such a fortunate situation.

  3. Is that what you look like!

  4. Have you been inside to see those houses off Grove? The only time I ever got through the gate was when I went Christmas Caroling with The Church of St. Luke’s once back in the 1980s!

  5. So, you have made the beeb. Congratulations old chap.

  6. Ahhh, OUR handsome Scout!

  7. You’ve gone international! Congratulations!

  8. That’s great that you got to share some of what you love with folks across the pond. Now, just don’t suddenly develop an interest in the obscure corners of London, and abandon us for Old Blighty. We like you here.

  9. Good for you with the BBC gig . . . I think their programming is great and it’s nice to see the real ‘you’. BTW, when on Grove, b sure to drop into the one of the Buvette for some great food, service and atmposhere ~ find them at 42 Grove.

    Thanks for your good work and sharing as you do.
    Bob in Santa Fe who loves my yearly sojourns to NYC !