Scouting NY On WFMU Tonight!

Hey everyone –

I’ll be on the radio program Seven Second Delay tonight (Wednesday) to talk about location scouting! The show starts at 6pm (I should be on at 6:30pm), and will be broadcast live on WFMU (91.9FM in NY/90.1 in the  Hudson Valley). We’re taping at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre ($5 gets you a seat). More info here, live streaming here.

The show will be guest co-hosted by broadcasting legend Joe Franklin, which is pretty darn cool. It’s funny, I know he’s had a long and influential career, but I’ll always remember him first and foremost from his moment in the Ghostbusters montage.

And if you’re just finding Scouting NY for the first time, here’s a handy a list of my favorite posts from over two years of writing. Enjoy!


02 owls


11 GB

















03 ctown

04 theatre


13 alder

And of course…

00 Title

Be sure to check out the archives for hundreds more!


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  1. Sounds like a good show. I’ve got my radio at the office set for it, as I’ll be here late today.

    Meeting Joe Franklin sounds pretty cool, as well. I used to watch his show when I worked night shifts as a security guard in college. It always amazed me, the people and things he knew. I hope you provide him with a decent anecdote to tell, Scout!

  2. Just heard the program. That was a good, if high-speed, interview. Can’t believe you had to go on right after a dominatrix!

    And don’t get me started on my DARK TOWER envy! I’m a huge King fan. I worked for King’s former publishers, and played softball with him once (I played short, he played first). Great guy. With the exception of George R.R. Martin’s GAME OF THRONES, the Dark Tower movie(s) are my most anticipated. Glad to hear you are working on them.

  3. I checked this site out after seeing the show: you sat right behind me. This site is amazing! Some of the stuff you have up is like a page out of my childhood and anything that isn’t is just downright fantastic. Consider me a new fan.

  4. Nick,
    how you doing? So the playland pictures? That’s what you did after I went home that night?
    I was just skimming through your site and I noticed that camp. The sleepaway camp. I scouted that in
    1996, I believe it was. I don’t remember the name but it was in the catskills near route 17 if I remember. Not too far from Ellenville. I was scouting for an indy film called Camp. I think it had just closed down one or two years before. I’m surprised that place is still standing. It was barely standing back then. Anyway, you take care.
    Eric Klein