Probably Should Avoid This Place…

I was scouting around Red Hook today when I noticed this old brick warehouse:


While the building itself is neat, what really caught my attention were all the warning signs:


So in summary: Violators Will Be Prosecuted, possibly by:


And in case those dogs don’t work out:


And hey, because we can’t have too many signs:


I love that that their No Smoking sign is so specific as to include “CARRYING LIGHTED CIGARS PIPES OR CIGARETTES STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.” Pipes, for God’s sake!! Because you really need to be concerned about all the pipe-smoking riff-raff that prowl around Red Hook.

Seemingly out of place is this friendly little hand-painted OPEN sign hanging on a cute red string.


I gotta be honest, of all the buildings on the block, this is the only one that had me wondering what the hell is going on inside.

Later, a few streets over, I noticed this sign for a prop building company. Read closely…


Catch this?


A free sandwich vs. attack dogs? I think I know where I’m doing business.


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  1. that’s hilarious. What a great post. Thanks for the morning giggle!

  2. I often envy your job as I sit at my desk- what fun! Did you get a free sandwich?

  3. Saw that building on one of my trips walking around Red Hook. There were actually dogs in the fence. Big means one.

  4. maybe it stores something flammable that someone might want to steal for some reason? some chemical that could be used for bioterrorism or drugs or something? but the lack of hazmat signs suggest that theory is a no.

  5. Awesome. I wonder what the “B” on the building stands for….

  6. That looks scary dodgy of the: “I wouldn’t ask too many questions” type.

  7. Pretty funny.

    I do have half an inkling about all the warning signs. I used to live in a loft near Red Hook (Carroll Gardens but ..really RH). The building was owned by a mob figure and many a late night luxury autos would come and go from the garage below. Don’t ask, don’t tell! I would think the signs are directed less at pedestrians than as warnings to underlings any rival factions might send to do targeted damage or trespass. Believe me , the mafia was well active there well into the 90’s. Those old signs were meant to intimidate dumb punks their rivals might have sent to do dirty work.

  8. JCDP is John Creech Design and Production, and I highly recommend checking out that building he’s in. His workshop is huge, and the building itself is pretty amazing. A friend of mine has the office across the hall from them (Optic Nerve). I’ve always thought the walkway along the side of that building that faces the Statue of Liberty is prime location for a shoot.