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For all inquiries, please contact me directly at

For the past decade, I’ve worked as a professional movie location scout in New York City and have literally thousands of ready-to-go rental-friendly locations on file, from office spaces and penthouses to castles and abandoned warehouses.

How it works:

I charge a day rate for my services. This fee includes:

  • sending full galleries of rental-friendly options
  • preliminary clearing of venues
  • providing contact info for you to negotiate directly with the property owners
  • reshooting venues
  • research
  • scouting new options

My rate is on a sliding scale and based on project size.

A note regarding typical NYC rental fees:

The approximate going rate for a 12-hour venue rental in New York City for filming is “a few thousand.” There’s wiggle room in this – sometimes, it’s “a couple thousand,” sometimes, it’s much, much more. If you’re in that ballpark, I can most likely find something that works for you. Unfortunately, if you’re below the “couple thousand” ballpark, I won’t be able to help.

Note: e-mails that do not include a budget will not be answered.

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  1. In an amusing example of life imitating art, the community center actually became a church at some point after the 1981 facade installation, and currently offers services as the Twin Pines Chapel. It also continues to be used frequently as a filming location.