She Found A New Home!!

Let me speak on behalf of the little dog who was left to die in a snowstorm two nights ago:



Me and Dog

My girlfriend and I just got back from dropping off our unexpected pal to her new home with a very warm and loving married couple, who I have no doubt will make amazing, responsible, and caring owners. You’ll just have to trust me when I say: this dog is going to have a great, great life. Her new owners have promised to send some pictures as soon as she gets acclimated, which I will post here.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to take her in! We literally had offers from across the globe – residents from as far as the UK, India, and Greece offered to pay the airfare and take her in. We had offers from people ready to drive up from Florida, Nebraska, Kentucky, Illinois and beyond, while others were ready to fly in from California, Texas, Louisiana…

Meanwhile, there was a huge outpouring of support from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut…pretty much everywhere, and I can’t say how much it warmed my heart. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to write back personally to many of you, but know that I read every single e-mail and am eternally grateful.

Please remember: while this dog has found a home, there are literally thousands in shelters that are in desperate need of a loving and caring home – and if you were ready to take this little girl, maybe you might think of taking a trip to your local shelter and adopting an animal that isn’t lucky enough to have a blog post? I promise, there are dogs out there with far, far more tragic stories than being chained to a bridge overnight in a snowstorm, and the vast majority will end up euthanized. They’d love you forever. Just a thought (this dog is set to be killed today if an owner isn’t found. You can also try Pet Finder or a site started by my friend, ExtendedPaws).

Finally, thank you to everyone who offered advice on what to do with the dog, and how to avoid kill shelters. A lot of you poured your hearts out in passionate email, and I definitely welled up way too many times while checking my inbox today. Hopefully, the 500+ comments will help others in the future who find themselves in my situation.

When I wrote my post last night, I really had little hope we’d find a home for her. Now, less than 24 hours later, she’s resting comfortably in a wonderful new home, and there’s no one to thank but you.

Last pic before we hopped in the car to take her to her new home:



PS – From reader Danny:

Hey man- just read your update on that awesome pup.  Your post gave me the strength to get another doggie.  time to move on and stop mourning and celebrate his memory.  thanks for the push 😉


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  1. THANK YOU for taking the time to organize help for this puppy. it is so LUCKY that your friend (and you) found this puppy and had the resources to help her find a new home where she will be loved and appreciated. Hopefully this help to bring attention (and aid!) to other puppies and animals in similar situations.

  2. Thank you for taking lovely dog.

  3. Did Megan and Jason get the dog?

  4. You have a beautiful heart and it shows from the care you took to find the pit bull a good home. I hope your girlfriend realizes she has a really good guy on her hands and to treat you well. Thank you for finding “bridge puppy” a good home and may you have wonderful success in your career !!! Maybe someday you’ll decide to settle down and will be ready for your own pit bull to love. Good Luck. Happy and Healthy Life.
    Elena Mashington

  5. This is such a nice ending to this story. I am hopeful that this beautiful dog will forget the inhuman, irresponsible @#*! that did this unspeakable act. I hope for such happy times for this pup. Bless this couple for taking her. All those people near and far who wanted to rescue her you give me faith in humanity. Yes remember all the ones sitting in a shelter Please! Have a pitbull mush. he is epileptic. He is a great dog. Adopt!!

  6. Wonderful news!!!! I wish sweet dog and new family many happy years together!!!!

  7. Very cool and touching story. How the internet and networking has changed the world, hey? Also: cool to see some EC Library books on yr shelves! In one of my lesser moments I almost wish to have some of those poetic justice stories happen to the former owner(s) of the dog 😉

  8. This is the greatest story I’ve read, period. What you did was the ultimate deed. You literally saved this dog’s life. What’s most touching to me is how she warmed up to you so quickly. She is totally cute and you can tell she has a great demeanor. I would never tell my coworkers how I feel about this story for fear of coming off as a softie, but I will say this: you are a hero.

  9. Aw man, I am so glad the little gal found a new and loving home. I’m crying so hard over this, people are both horrible and wonderful, and you’ve proven both with this story.

  10. There is also another no-kill shelter called Animal Haven, located in Soho. They too have a lot of pit bulls for adoption. Because of their relationship with Andrea Arden, a dog trainer often featured on Animal Planet, their dogs are well behaved. They have a lot of great dogs, including lots of pitties, available for adoption. Cats too!

  11. I like Andrea Arden from the old From Underdog to Wonderdog show.I guess its not being filmed anymore.:( I really liked that show and the Animal Cop shows.A P has some silly new shows now instead.A A is on the Dogs and Cats 101 shows now which are cute.The cute host Ryan Smith is now on Headline News and Sessions on True TV.

  12. Treat that dog like it’s your child! Good luck and may g-d bless all of you..s/he will be loyal and love you unconditionally..pass the word around…there are hundreds, thousands of dogs just like yours that need rescuing..all beautiful..all longing to be loved and have a family of their own. Please spread the word.

  13. Thank YOU for going the extra mile for helping someone who need it!

  14. Thank you for writing this follow-up entry, not just because it provided the happy ending we were all hoping for, but because you make the important point that many ignore when they stumble upon stories like this. ADOPT! ADOPT! ADOPT! There are so many furry friends out there that deserve a home and our love.

    So once again, thank you for the update, thank you for the message to all those that were willing to open their hearts, and finally, thank you for being the kind of person that helps drown out the dark and remind us that people can be beautiful.

  15. It would have just been another dog set to be killed had you not narrated her story so well. Thank you for that, and thank you for making a difference to the life of a family and to the life of this dog. 🙂 Been waiting for a good news about her, and here it is. 🙂

  16. How great that she’s found a home. I’m sorry but what kind of piece of sh*t would do that to a poor innocent dog? The sad thing is, is that it happens all the time. People don’t realize the responsibility of having a pet, and when they do, they just drop them off somewhere. It saddens me, because besides my kids, my dog has my heart. I’m grateful that you posted on your blog to find her a home. How awesome are you?

    I hope we get to see pics of her soon. 🙂

    Thank you, and the people that adopted her.

  17. I’m glad you posted the good news. I hate, for example, to hear the bad news part and then never know what happens…..missing children, missing animals, etc. Thank goodness she has a new home.

  18. awwww!! :’) sigh! this just warms my heart… you guys did a great thing. i believe you’ve also spread the word about the importance of pet adoption.

  19. What a happy outcome! I’m naming my next pet Scout in your honor. Your good deed will come back to you 10-fold.

  20. I would have been too attatched to give her up…thats why I could never foster…I would have a home filled with dogs….like my 2 spoiled brats…lol…thank God you found her a home

  21. There’s a special place in hell for the punks that did that. Have fun with that pup, over they years my dogs have tought me so much.
    Good job to you all!

  22. So glad this had such a happy ending, even more wonderful that you helped this pup out! I’m in awe of the Power of Positive People!

  23. You have just found yourself the most loving and caring companion ever…she will love you for always…lucky you..your were meant to get her…(have to get a tissue)…I read about OurPack and their stories of loyal Pitbulls…they are just gorgeous…I love them…the best of luck to you…

  24. You are such a wonderful person to have taken in “a pitbull” as most would say. I have a 9 month old boy all black american staff pitbull and I can’t imagine life without him.

    It’s so sad how many don’t make it in this cold world. People do need to step up and adopt these dogs. Yes, they have a rep and bad name but they are not all killer dogs!

    Kudos to the new family that took her in…can’t wait for an update.

  25. Thank you for helping that pup find a home, and for showing peeps how they are so many great dogs out there deserving a good home!

    I want to share the story of Aimee, a real people-loving dog who has gone through a much similar ordeal, but still hasn’t lost her faith in people. AIMEE IS STILL WAITING FOR A LOVING HOME.
    For any animal-lover out there, or potential adopters, please see Aimee’s story here, and pass along.!/album.php?aid=270306&id=539446296&fbid=10150093261501297

    She also deserves a great family! Many thanks!

  26. Thank you for helping that pup find a home, and for showing peeps how they are so many great dogs out there deserving a good home!

    I want to share the story of Aimee, a real people-loving dog who has gone through a much similar ordeal, but still hasn’t lost her faith in people. AIMEE IS STILL WAITING FOR A LOVING HOME.
    For any animal-lover out there, or potential adopters, please see Aimee’s story here, and pass along.

    She also deserves a great family! Many thanks!


  27. I re-blogged the original post asking for help on my Tumblr page and came across it this morning. I just had to see if this gorgeous pup found a new home and I’m completely over the moon to see she has and what’s more it sounds like her new family will treat her so well and she will live a fantastic life. Thank-you for taking her in in the first place and doing your best to find her a new home. There needs to be more people like you and the dog’s new family in this world and NONE of the cruel, heartless people who abandoned her.

  28. Your story has given me hope and weepy eyes. Two weeks ago I rescued a pitbull from a kill shelter on the upper east side. I had been forwarded his picture and the information that he was going to be killed the next day on Facebook. His eyes haunted me so much that I decided I had to get him out of there even though I can’t keep him myself. I am moving to London, travel too much and have a cat who is staying with my ex-boyfriend until I can find him a home. But if I were ready to adopt a dog, he is exactly what I’d want. He is not only gorgeous, he has a gentle and goofy temperament and is not human or dog aggressive. He really is a lover. But because he is a pit mix and there’s that terrible stereotype, I know I have my work cut out for me when trying to find him a furever home. I just wanted to say thank you for your story. It’s given me the strength to soldier on until I find the right home for this special guy. You did an amazing thing…