Sin Will Find You Out!

I love religious crosses with neon-lettering attached to buildings, especially when they have ominous messages. Ignoring the tackiness factor, the fact that anyone seriously thinks these are still effective in modern day New York, to the point where they continue to replace the neon, is just incredible to me…and in a way, makes them all the more iconic. Here’s a good one on East 51st Street (as you can see, it was blizzarding out today)…

Sin Sign - 01

I really have to go back and take a picture when this is lit up at night: SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT. (Does this mean we are destined to sin no matter what? Sort of depressing…).

Sin Sign - 02

Flip side:

Sin Sign - 03


Sin Sign - 04

Then again, it is minutes from Times Square…guess it’s just more of the same.


Both readers Meredith and Rebecca have shot this at night…Here’s Meredith’s picture:

Unless you find it first


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  1. GREAT! Is one supposed to find comfort in that? Christ! Scare me ! would also love to see it in all it’s shining glory.

  2. I shot this at night last New Year, but would love to see some better shots (I was full of New Year’s cheer at the time)

  3. Here’s what it looks like — I shot this last spring.

  4. My friends and I get a kick out of it, every time we walk into the gay bar next door. We always thought it was intended for us.

  5. Was that the one that used to be in the opening credits of Saturday Night Live?

  6. I love your blog so, so much. & I just wanted you to know.

  7. It’s WEST 51st Street

  8. It’s a registered city land mark. They couldn’t change it if they tried. It’s also a soup kitchen. Check it out, they aren’t the way you’d think.