NY Hotel Miraculously Offers Steam Heat, Housekeeping, and Hot Water!

A neat old brick wall ad on the side of the New York Inn (8th Ave btw. 46th & 47th):

Hotel Ad - 01

I love that at the time this sign was put up, the hotel had to advertise these amenities as if you might not get them otherwise:

Hotel Ad - 03

Furnished (?) Rooms 1-2-3 | Steam Heat | Housekeeping | Hot & Cold Water!

On a side note, if you’re one of those people who complain that Times Square has had all of its dirty, gritty, 1970’s spirit sucked out of it, book a room at the New York Inn immediately. A few excerpts from TripAdvisor’s review page:

“Our 1st nite we were in bed an i could hear a rustling noise…It was a rat!! on our bed!!! we ran straight down stairs an complained…the manager switched our rooms…again we got into bed and saw another rat!”

“There was a broken window in our room, parts of the bathroom shower were broken and the room stank of smoke. The ceiling light was broken and tinfoil had been used to try and fix the conductivity…..which was very unsafe.”

“Ive worked as an outreach homeless drug worker and have seen some sights but this is the pits.”

“When someone above takes a shower it rains inside your room. I found a condom (used) when I arrived.”

More great reading here. Maybe you are lucky to get those amenities.


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  1. Wow, I live a couple of blocks up from that and have never noticed it before! I need to look up more 😉

  2. This may be incorrect or unrelated, but I believe my great grandfather ran a hotel in Cambridge, MA, and rooms would usually be booked by mill/factory workers by the season [or month or some other long term increment of time]. Perhaps this sign came from such a hotel, where it seems like housekeeping and furnishings might not have been so expected? Just a thought.