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If you have a property you’d like to submit for filming consideration, please send an email with pictures of your property and your contact info (including address!) to I will add it to my locations library and contact you if there is interest from a client (note: I will never give out your personal information without permission).


  1. Loved the pictures of our favorite service station “Farrington’s.
    While you were in College Point did you see the interior of our local landmark Poppenhusen Institute? The web site is It’s located at 14th Ave, and 114th Street.
    We also have great views of the NYC skyline and LaGuardia airport.

  2. I would live to explore the abandoned Woolworth estate in Glen Cove, NY. Haven’t got a photo but it is easy to google.

  3. Hey, I just stumbled across your website. It’s awesome!! I live near the Shoreham power Plant and loved the photos. Here’s my suggestion for another location – Canisius High School in Buffalo, NY. I have no idea what the inside looks like now. I went there in 1969, but part of it was and still is a famous old mansion. Part of the old school was very ornate from what I recall. It had a huge auditorium with a large balcony in an old style reminiscent of some of your Paramount Theater photos (but smaller of course). I recall lots of tunnels underground. It even had a multi-lane bowling alley and I believe an olympic sized swimming pool. I’m not an architect, but I recall (in my young mind) it being sort of Gothic. Anyhow, might be worth a shot. Last I looked I couldn’t really find many photos on-line of those old ornate parts though. p.s. we moved to L.I. in my Jr. year, hence, my memory is a bit foggy.

  4. Abigail Caraballo

    What about the Cook Mansion on Bushwick and Willoughby Avenues in Bushwick, Brooklyn? It’s absolutely beautiful and some of the homes in the surrounding area are beyond amazing.

  5. Wonderful site, Nick – many old favorites from my own pereginations around my home town and lots of new ones to seek out and savor.

    Here’s one you may have missed – the Hall of Fame of Great Americans, on the old NYU Campus up in the Bronx. The Stanford White library adjoining it appears in “A Beautiful Mind” as the stand-in for my alma mater MIT, but I’m not aware of the Colonnade having been filmed. I wrote up the place for the Atlas Obscura website, at

    And, touching on your subject “New York, You’ve Changed” and how New York has been depicted in classic movies, allow me to put in a plug for the fascinating and thought-provoking book “Celluloid Skyline – New York and the Movies” by James Sanders. James co-wrote the PBS Series “New York – A Documentary Film” and is an old classmate of mine from Simon Baruch JHS 104. The 300+ location photos in it, real and recreated, are worth the price alone.

  6. Creedmore has an abandoned building in queens.. by hillside avenue and cross island parkway. Why did they shut it down?? what happened??

  7. by the way loveee this u ffed my curiousity for old buildings and their secrets who used to hang out there. just found your site but i love it already

  8. Love your site. Although I am sure you have been asked this before, and I’m not sure of the legality of it all, but have you ever thought about checking out the Kings Park Psychiatric Center?

  9. Does anyone know that there is an Old Broadway in the Manhattanville section of West Harlem?

  10. I had no idea that you could suggest spaces for possible filming. I would love it if an episode of 24 was shot in my home or something. I think they did a lot of this stuff for the show Burn Notice.

  11. I love your website. I know you scout locations for filming and this place is a private home, but I would love to see an article on and pictures of the old Germania Bank Building. I’ve always loved that building (and the graffiti) and its all the more striking nowadays cause of the contrast with its surroundings.

  12. HI!!! Not exactly computer savvy- so…. Sorry – in advance- it’s late- I’m pretty much tired- hopefully u don’t erase message due to lack of tec knowledge !! Zebra Club 1195 Montauk Highway Copiague ny 11726- 631-226-7913 – 2500 square feet- photographs fabulous – see for yourself – will not be disappointed – perfect for bar- lounge location!!

  13. I’m in love with anything Deco, especially buildings foyers. There is a great one at 49 W96th Streeet, right by Columbus ave, that has a gorgeous green deco interior. It’s not large, but she’s a beauty!

  14. The Surrogates Court in Manhattan has a great interior. You might need permission for casual photography since it is a court facility. But it is otherwise open to public. On Chambers across from City Hall.

  15. I love your site, and I suggest that you look into Alexander Hamilton’s home, called The Grange, which is somewhere in Harlem. A little known house with historic connections.

  16. Kingsbrige bronx

  17. I can’t believe you’d never seen or even heard of Pickup on South Street. Been one of my favorite films for a long time. But thanks for doing all that detective work to isolate the few scenes that were actually filmed in NYC. I had always assumed that ALL of it was done in the studio or LA. Revelatory!

  18. The Quaker Meetinghouse in Flushing, Queens, has been the site of a number of television and film productions. The Meetinghouse has been used by Flushing Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends as a house of worship for more than 300 years. The house remains today much as when it was first built, with dark, warm floorboards, simple benches and hand-hewn timber ceiling beams. To step across the threshold is to leave the present behind and to enter a profoundly sacred space seasoned by centuries of devotion. To those who visit, the Meetinghouse is a peaceful reminder of an eventful and historic past. For more, visit us at

  19. John Paul Jones Park aka Cannonball Park. There’ a huge cannon with huge round cannon balls!

  20. Hey!

    Have you been to the basement of the connelly theatre on East 4th street?

    There is a bowling alley there that has to be at least 130 years old!

  21. I don’t know if you’ve covered this already. I did do a good amount of poking around before sending this email. But I can’t find any information about the “Central Queens” YMCA swimming pool in Jamaica. I randomly stopped in for a swim yesterday and found it difficult to concentrate because of the remarkable tile work and the “lost in time” feeling I had while there. CRAZY STUFF. I’m going back with a camera and sneaking some shots. It was the kind of stuff no one does any more. But I do not know how old it is. Half a century? Looks older. It even has an animal head fountain. What? If you have already seen this location, please link me to the page. If not, you really should consider checking this out.

  22. The Fordham Mill in Speonk, NY is amazing! It’s an old abandoned mill on the side of Sunrise Highway (I believe), in Long Island, NY. I have checked out this place many times. I dream of it’s restoration and it’s return to use in some capacity. Google it! The pictures I found don’t actually do it justice, it’s a must see.

  23. You should check out Bay Ridge’s Gingerbread House. It’s located at 8220 Narrows Avenue, Zip: 11209. I’d like to know if any film has been shot there before. I believe it’s still on the market (for a cool $10.5 million).

  24. Since you’ve been exploring that area around Rockland Pyschiatric, nearby in blauvelt off route 303 is the abandonded camp bluefields which was used as an army training camp. There are concrete tunnels running up the mountain leading to block houses. When i was young we would go up tweed road to the overlook and get high and explore the place.

  25. Love your site! I would love to see something on Pilgrim Paychiatric before the whole place is destroyed! Much of it has been destroyed or is still occupied (the newer buildings) but there is this back way to drive through from Brentwood straight through to Deer Park/Edgewood area, and every single time, there is this feeling of history and anticipation, as if at any moment you’ll see a ghost! My kids hate when we go through pilgrim, they insist on locking all the doors before we go through. The place is complete with underground tunnels, and many abandoned, creepy buildings with beautiful structure. There are many stories around here about the spirits that still dwell in the abandoned buildings. I like to think they’re the reason some of the buildings haven’t been destroyed. Hope this isn’t a repeat request! But I know you’d find it as fascinating as I!

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