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Who Is The Man In Orange?

I was walking around Battery Park today when I saw The Man In Orange: Look closely – not only orange hat and orange coat, but matching orange suit and shoes. AND MATCHING SHOES. Where do you buy this kind of thing??? The best part was watching the reactions from park-goers, like this woman… …and this guy (note shoes)… …and these ... Read More »

The Remains of a 1920s Cruise Ship Office At One Broadway

You never really think of Broadway having a beginning or ending. It’s the oldest north-south thoroughfare in NYC, and is derived from a Native American trail, the Wickquasgeck, which once carved through the swamps and rocks of the island. The avenue passes through so many important hubs of New York life that the idea of it actually terminating somewhere seems ... Read More »

Lost At Sea

One of my favorite public art pieces in New York City is probably familiar to anyone who has ever waited in line for the Liberty Island Ferry. Located on the west side of Battery Park, the American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial is a haunting tribute to commercial seamen who lost their lives, for whatever reason, on the water. The memorial, designed ... Read More »