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Forgotten Shipwrecks & Beachside Graves

Today, some friends and I decided to hike out to Long Point beach – essentially, the very last tip of the Cape Cod hook. Starting at the end of Rt-6A, you climb over a very long breakwater (the dotted line), then continue on up the beach. It’s was about a 1.5 hour hike out. Sure, we could’ve taken the 10 ... Read More »

Searching For The Lost Grave of Thomas Ridley

While in Cape Cod, I’ve explored a bunch of ancient graveyards, and am always intrigued by their distinctly Cape-ish history: sea captains, lost-at-sea deaths, the high birth mortality rate (you often find infant graves beside a mother’s, both having died on the same date), etc. In trying to find some info on them, I came across a great website called ... Read More »

The Abandoned Bates Motel of Cape Cod

Truro, Massachusetts, is the first town south of Provincetown (for those of you unfamiliar with Massachusetts geography, Provincetown is located at the very end of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod “arm”). One of the best biking routes through Truro is along Rt. 6A, known as “Old Kings Highway,” or the original main thoroughfare up the Cape. Along this route are numerous cottage-style ... Read More »