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The Last Arcade in Chinatown – A Trip To Chinatown Fair

Note: Chinatown Fair closed for good about two weeks after I posted this article. It’s in Chinatown, and it’s best to visit late on a Friday or Saturday night. From Canal Street, head south on Bowery past Chatham Square… …and turn right onto the dimly lit, deserted Mott Street. It’s at #8 Mott, though you’ll know you’re there simply because ... Read More »

The Weird Little Building on Lafayette Street

There’s a strange little building at the corner of Lafayette and Howard Street, and for years, I’ve wondered what the story is with it: The small portion on the left is a tiny one-level office, with the facade extending to cover the wall of a parking garage, whose entrance is through that roll-gate on the right. The weird thing is ... Read More »

Danger and Intrigue in Cortlandt Alley

As far as I’m concerned, Cortlandt Alley between Walker and White Streets is the most beautiful of Manhattan’s few remaining back alleys. It’s the archetypal image of a New York City alley – narrow, dank, secluded, and bordered by decaying loading docks, rusting fire escapes, and graffitied brick walls. I love the fact that if you stand back far enough, ... Read More »

The Film Locations of Ghostbusters (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our look at Ghostbusters – Click here for Part 1! With this article, we’re completing our “New York, You’ve Changed” look at Ghostbusters. Picking up where we left off, Egon, Ray, and Peter have been kicked out of Columbia and have since purchased a Tribeca firehouse to base their fledgling ghostbusting business in. In this ... Read More »

Where Will Bret and Jemaine Live??

In the final episode of HBO’s incredible series Flight of the Conchords, New Zealand folk duo Bret and Jemaine were evicted from their apartment at 28 Henry Street in Chinatown and forced to return to New Zealand. Will they return to New York for a third season? No one seems to know… …but they might have to find new digs ... Read More »

The Cup & Saucer Diner

New York is overfilled with flashy, archetypal steel-and-glass diners that look like they were transported here directly from the 1950’s. Sadly, as the city has become more and more gentrified, most of them have become carbon copies of each other in terms of quality (shitty) and price (rip-off). One of my favorite diner exteriors is as unflashy as they come: ... Read More »