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Leaving NY: Newark’s Little Red Diner

Note: I think this might be gone. Unless you need to be somewhere on time, I find that getting lost is often one of the best things that can happen to you. Today, I was heading back to the city from Bayonne, NJ, and got confused trying to follow my iPhone’s directions to the highway. I ended up on Wilson ... Read More »

The Cup & Saucer Diner

New York is overfilled with flashy, archetypal steel-and-glass diners that look like they were transported here directly from the 1950’s. Sadly, as the city has become more and more gentrified, most of them have become carbon copies of each other in terms of quality (shitty) and price (rip-off). One of my favorite diner exteriors is as unflashy as they come: ... Read More »