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The Most Famous Classroom In New York City

If you believe Hollywood, every single college lecture hall in New York City looks like the one below: Rows of individual wooden desks and tiered seating… …an enormous wood-framed green chalkboard with sliding panels for additional writing space… …a wood-paneled front desk for the lecturer… …and even one of those little doors that swings back and forth! In reality, however, ... Read More »

Ghostbusters 2 Location Contest Winners!

The contest is now over, and we have the answer to our Ghostbusters 2 locations search! The birthday party scene occurred… …on East 78th Street between 1st & York Avenues! The big clue was the address of Dana Barrett’s apartment building, located just around the corner. The actual birthday building is located at 448 East 78th Street. We had a ... Read More »

Locations Contest Ends Tomorrow!

The joint Scouting New York and Proton Charging contest, in which we challenged eagle-eyed readers to find a particular shooting location from Ghostbusters II, comes to an end on Sunday at midnight! If you’ve e-mailed your answer and not heard back, don’t worry, your entry has been counted (that is, if you got it right!). And for those that haven’t ... Read More »

The Film Locations of Ghostbusters (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our look at Ghostbusters – Click here for Part 1! With this article, we’re completing our “New York, You’ve Changed” look at Ghostbusters. Picking up where we left off, Egon, Ray, and Peter have been kicked out of Columbia and have since purchased a Tribeca firehouse to base their fledgling ghostbusting business in. In this ... Read More »

The Ghostbusters Firehouse Dressed For Christmas

This isn’t a secret or anything, but Hook & Ladder #8 has been dressed for the season and looks great, especially in the snow storm that hit today (click the picture and look at the biggest size on Flickr for the full effect). You probably recognize this iconic Manhattan firehouse from a number of films and TV shows, including Ghostbusters, ... Read More »