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Exploring An Empty Church In Brooklyn

This is Greenpoint’s beautiful St. Elias Church, located on shady Kent Street. And yes, that’s a FOR RENT sign on the front. Once serving the community as both a church and Sunday school for more than 140 years, St. Elias is now completely empty, and has been since 2007, when the property was purchased by developers. For a while, the ... Read More »

1920’s Atlantic City in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

After watching the premiere of Boardwalk Empire last night, I was really excited to check out the Atlantic City set for myself, which was built in a parking lot in northern Greenpoint. A locations friend who lives in GP pointed me to a vacant lot on Commercial Street and Clay Street, and I hopped on my bike to take a ... Read More »

Ghosts of a Brooklyn Pencil Factory

Continuing my search for a usable elevator in Greenpoint, my boss had given me a few addresses to check out, and as I approached 61 Greenpoint, I noticed a really great building detail I’ve never seen before… Lining the top floor windows are rows… …of pencils! Why Pencils? 61 Greenpoint was once part of the Faber Pencil Factory, located in ... Read More »

The 1920s Movie Theater Hidden In A Rite Aid

Don’t let the squat little Rite Aid storefront on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint fool you… It has a big history. A movie theater for most of its life, you can see it below in 1928 when it was known as the Fox Meserole showing silent films (the advertised Baby Mine was made in 1928 – more info here). Picture courtesy ... Read More »

Where Racquetballs Go To Die

I’ve been scouting warehouse rooftops in Brooklyn on the East River recently. Though this one in Greenpoint has a pretty great view… …what really impressed me is that I had apparently stumbled into racquetball heaven! There were dozens and dozens of racquetballs all over the roof, which I can only assume are from kids playing handball against the warehouse wall. ... Read More »