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Chelsea Birds Are Watching You

Wanted to share some really neat details I noticed while scouting in Chelsea the other day. This building, at the corner of 23rd & Ninth, is known as London Terrace Gardens and actually stretches all the way to 10th Ave. When it was built in 1931, it was considered the largest apartment building in the world. If you look closely ... Read More »

The Masked Lady of Broadway

If you look above the doorway of the Trinity Building at 111 Broadway… You’ll see this row of faces staring down on you… Well, all except for one. Can anyone explain why this woman has her face covered in such an odd way? The Trinity Building, along with its sister building at 117, are two of my favorite buildings in ... Read More »

Could I Get A Hand Holding This Thing?

One of my favorite blocks in Manhattan is West 46th Street btw. 5th and 6th Avenues. An incredibly diverse mix of styles are represented there, ranging from art deco buildings to brownstones. All were built prior to 1930 and very little has been done since, making the block essentially an architectural museum. West 46th is also home to one of ... Read More »

The Wall Street Fish

I love that thousands of New Yorkers go about their business every day unaware of the countless eyes watching from the skies. Case in point: this building I noticed while scouting a rooftop near Wall Street: They’re virtually impossible to see from the street, but lining the top floor is a row of fish. Maybe they act as some sort ... Read More »

The Gargoyles Over Madison Square Park

The amount of detail to be found in NYC is absolutely mind-boggling, to the point where there are ornamentation and decorative flourishes that are simply invisible to anyone but the birds. A few years ago, I was working on a job that had a camera position on a roof near Madison Square Park. I got to spend a few beautiful ... Read More »