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Half A Brownstone on West 58th Street

I was walking down West 58th Street when I saw it: exactly half a brownstone (12.5 feet), gloriously smooshed between two much larger apartment buildings: I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite buildings in midtown, the very similar 19 West 46th Street, also measuring 12.5 feet. A number of readers have written me that the city used to ... Read More »

A Secret Courtyard Just Blocks From Times Square

I was walking down West 46th Street in Hell’s Kitchen recently when I noticed a break in the buildings… Most of the time, this sort of thing just turns out to be just a nook where residents pile garbage…But as I looked closer… I noticed something peeking out in the back: what looked like a completely separate building, hidden away ... Read More »

A Bit of the Southwest on 53rd Street

In keeping with yesterday’s theme of streets in New York that have an other-worldly feel to them, I have to mention a favorite place on West 53rd Street that always reminds me of my travels to the dusty southwest… …This church, a really neat adobe mission-style building nestled in amongst the brick apartment buildings and more traditional Roman Catholic church ... Read More »

The 9th Ave Demons Don’t Like You

I’ve been scouting for something around Times Square/Hell’s Kitchen over the last week (as evidenced by some of my recent posts), and I noticed this great building on 9th Ave between 52nd and 53rd. Above each window on the second and third floor are these awesome busts of…well, I’m not really sure what. They sort of remind me of the ... Read More »

Sin Will Find You Out!

I love religious crosses with neon-lettering attached to buildings, especially when they have ominous messages. Ignoring the tackiness factor, the fact that anyone seriously thinks these are still effective in modern day New York, to the point where they continue to replace the neon, is just incredible to me…and in a way, makes them all the more iconic. Here’s a ... Read More »