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A Closer Look at the PS 110 Owls

A few weeks ago, I wrote about PS 110, an elementary school located just south of the Williamsburg Bridge… …whose roof is lined with a number of really great stone owls (a parliament of owls, to use the correct phrasing!). I notice the owls every time I cross the Williamsburg Bridge, and I mentioned in the post that I’d love ... Read More »

The Owls of PS 110

Next time you’re heading over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn, either driving or on the pedestrian walkway, be sure to check out the public school on the south side. PS 110 (the Florence Nightingale school) has one of my favorite school adornments in the city… …a roof covered in owls! They’re perched everywhere, from these five on the center arch… ... Read More »

Gridlock Busters

I was waiting forever in heavy traffic on Norfolk Street to turn onto the Williamsburg Bridge when I noticed this sign. It seems pretty old (I’m sure that crossed circle was once red), and the more I thought about it, the more I decided that it has to be the most abstract official traffic sign in the city. Seriously, look ... Read More »

The Cup & Saucer Diner

New York is overfilled with flashy, archetypal steel-and-glass diners that look like they were transported here directly from the 1950’s. Sadly, as the city has become more and more gentrified, most of them have become carbon copies of each other in terms of quality (shitty) and price (rip-off). One of my favorite diner exteriors is as unflashy as they come: ... Read More »

Candy, Cobblers, and Revolvers

There are certain places in NYC that people rave about as being “so unique” and “must see.” I’m trying to think of good examples, but the only one that’s coming to mind is Magnolia Bakery, bakers of cupcakes whose recipe consists entirely of ludicrous amounts of sugar, butter, and flour. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good, but are they really ... Read More »