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The Amazing Wizard Of Park Ave

Merry Belated Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Holidays/Etc.! I was grappling with two enormous backpacks on my way out of the city on Tuesday when I noticed this great cast-iron (?) clock on the Schwarzenbach Building at 470 Park Avenue South btw. 31st & 32nd Street. In my pictures it looks prominent, but this is something you’d almost assuredly miss on Park Ave South. ... Read More »

Summers Above Central Park

A few years back, I was working on a film that had a camera position on the roof of a building just south of Central Park. The position required some construction, about two weeks of prep work, and I was assigned to “babysit” the crew – basically let them in, keep an eye on them while they worked, hold down ... Read More »

The Skinniest Building in Midtown

Look closely – it’s only wide enough for one window. This renovated brownstone, wedged between two much larger buildings, is only 12.5 feet wide and does not connect with either of the neighboring properties. OK, granted, it isn’t the skinniest building in New York City. That dubious honor belongs to 75 1/2 Bedford St, which clocks in at a minuscule ... Read More »

Grand Central Rats

Thousands of people go into Grand Central through the Lexington Ave entrance every day. I always wonder how many look up and see the rats also desperately trying to get in. I’m not quite sure I fully understand the symbolism, but, according to Forgotten NY, The Graybar building was once the nation’s focal point for maritime and rail transport. If ... Read More »