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NYC Subway Now Takes You Around The World

On my way out of the city for Christmas, I had to take the Shuttle train to Times Square, and happened to get on one that had been taken over by American Airlines. The exterior was pretty neat, made to look like an American Airlines plane… But what really blew me away was the interior, which was covered in beautiful ... Read More »

The Scouting NY Tourist Guide To The Big Apple

Dear Scout – Love your site! I’ll be visiting Manhattan for the first time in a few weeks, but I’ll only be in town for a few days. Can you offer any advice on what to see/do in my short time there? Thanks! – A Frequent Reader Every week, I receive a number of emails asking what I’d recommend covering ... Read More »

Stained Glass on the Subway

As the MTA rehabilitates subway and train stations across the city, about 1% of its annual budget is allotted for installing permanent art installations intended to “raise the quality of the ride.” It’s a fantastic program that means you could enter the 4-Train station at 167th St & Jerome in the Bronx… …and see this design by Carol Sun brightening ... Read More »