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Grabbing Electricity at the Old G.E. Building

You probably know 570 Lexington as the skyscraper behind St. Bart’s Church: a towering 50-story behemoth of salmon brick, clearly affirming the Art Deco maxim of signifying power through simplicity. Originally built for RCA-Victor, it later became the G.E. building, and was ultimately donated to Columbia University during tough economic times. I’ve walked past the north-east entrance at 51st and ... Read More »

A Secret Courtyard Just Blocks From Times Square

I was walking down West 46th Street in Hell’s Kitchen recently when I noticed a break in the buildings… Most of the time, this sort of thing just turns out to be just a nook where residents pile garbage…But as I looked closer… I noticed something peeking out in the back: what looked like a completely separate building, hidden away ... Read More »

Scouting an Abandoned Hotel in Southern California

Whenever I see a sign like the one below hanging outside of an abandoned property, I immediately feel an intense desire to get inside. When such a sign is hanging outside a hotel built in the early 1900’s in Southern California that has been boarded up since 1939, that urge goes through the roof. Let me repeat: has been boarded ... Read More »

Inside the Clocktower

When it was completed in 1909, the original Met-Life headquarters at 5 Madison Ave was the tallest building in the world. (thanks for sharing the pic, edenpictures!) Though it lost the title in 1913 to the Woolworth, the Clocktower Building has been an integral part of the Manhattan skyline ever since. Personally, it’s my favorite illuminated rooftop: (thanks for sharing ... Read More »

They’re Watching You Above Madison Square Park

Note: This exhibition is now over. There’s a really great new art installation in and around Madison Square Park… …which serves as a reminder that you should stop worrying about looking like a tourist… …and look up once in a while. Antony Gormley’s installation Event Horizon hit the media this past week, as news outlets spread the word that the ... Read More »

Owls With Glowing Eyes in Herald Square

I took this picture of Herald Square (6th Ave btw. 34th & 35th) this morning at about 6:45. A second later, I took the following picture. See if you can pick out the difference. Hint: the change is only a few pixels in size. If you noticed it, no, you’re not going crazy. Let’s get a bit closer.  Perched on ... Read More »

Chinatown’s “Bloody Angle” – A Trip Down Doyers Street

Pell Street is one of those iconic Chinatown blocks that filmmakers love to shoot on. Short and narrow, lined with brick apartment buildings, small storefronts, and an abundance of awnings and flags, the abrupt end at Mott Street gives it a sense of intimacy. While Pell Street is certainly one of Chinatown’s most iconic, one of my all time favorite ... Read More »

The Most Impressive-Looking Sex Shop in Manhattan

It’s one of those archetypal New York scenes: a squat, three-story building dwarfed on all sides by towering skyscrapers, the little building that could. Except, this little building happens to house a sex shop. Or at least, it did. I shot pictures of this beautiful art nouveau building at 38th Street & 8th Ave with the intention of arguing its ... Read More »

The Cutest Little House in Brooklyn

Just wanted to share a building with you that really made my day while out scouting recently. I was searching around the elevated JMZ train in Bushwick recently, and happened to turn down Belvidere Street. Mainly lined with ugly, aluminum siding-clad squat buildings, one structure in particular seemed completely out of place on the street… This incredible building, which appears ... Read More »