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The Titanic Guide To New York City – Part 2

Below is Part 2 of Scouting NY’s Titanic Guide To New York City. Click here for part 1! As we head uptown to continue the next leg of our tour, be sure to choose a route that takes you past Macy’s in honor of its former owner, Isidor Strauss, who died on the Titanic with his wife Ida. Read More »

Scouting A Crypt

Nothing beats days when you’re asked to scout something as unusual as a crypt. Though you’d expect location scouting would take you to every sort of place imaginable, movies shot in New York mostly tend to ask for the old standards: Upscale apartment. Dank alley. Corporate office space. Vacant storefront. So when I was asked to shoot the chapel crypt ... Read More »

Strangeness Afoot in Old Trinity Cemetery

I was scouting the Old Trinity Cemetery when a guy walked up to me and asked if I had seen any chickens. OK, that sounds like the beginning to a joke. Before I delve into my odd story, let me give a quick rundown on one of the most beautiful and interesting outdoor spaces in New York City. Covering four ... Read More »