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The Sign-Eating Tree of Richmond Hill

I was scouting in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens today when I saw this tree that appears to be devouring its “SLOW – CHILDREN AT PLAY” sign. I’ve seen signs with bark wrap-over before, but here it seems like the tree is on the verge of gulping the sign down. From the side, you can see how far the ... Read More »

You’re Never Alone

I was taking pictures on an empty side-street in Queens near the East River when I suddenly noticed these five guys staring at me from the back of a truck. Haha, OK, it’s obvious in my pictures that it’s just a very high quality photo, but at the time, thinking I was alone, it definitely induced a momentary double-take. Best ... Read More »

The Angel of Sunnyside

I was scouting a location in Sunnyside, Queens, and I happened to notice the fountains in a nearby apartment courtyard. Someone must have left the water running… It was very pretty to see up close – I have no idea how water could freeze this perfectly. On the other side of the courtyard was this second fountain. The water seems ... Read More »

A Snowy Day At Fort Totten

When I was a little kid, seeing two abandoned buildings like these would have set my imagination racing. I would have killed to go inside and explore their secrets. What would I find on the other side of boarded up doorways, broken windows, and crumbling brick walls? What sort of decaying furniture and forgotten relics would be waiting inside? Who ... Read More »