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Small Towns Across Illinois (Roadtrip Day 03)

For most of the journey from Salem, Illinois, to St. Louis, this was the view out the window: Literally, endless, endless fields. Most of the towns we passed through were little more than a  collection of houses, a commercial business or two, and then more fields. As we came to Carlyle, Illinois (known for its man-made lake, the largest in ... Read More »

Following The Ohio River (Roadtrip Day 2 Cont’d)

After swinging through Aurora, we decided to take a detour from US-50 and follow Rt-56, which winds along the Ohio River. Route-56 is a beautiful drive, with amazing views of the Ohio River (and Kentucky beyond): Below,  the path we took: Often, the view of the river would be replaced by cornfields… It was on Route 56 that we first ... Read More »