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The Rooftop Ski Chalet on West 78th

I was walking on West 77th Street when I saw it, poking through the trees…Something that seemed out of place… I climbed up the steps of a brownstone and got the best view I could. Is this another of the mysterious Manhattan rooftop houses? This glass-covered house isn’t on 77th Street…but it isn’t on 78th Street either. It’s located about ... Read More »

The Greek Temple At 28th Street

I was walking south down Broadway from 34th Street today when I saw this pretty amazing temple perched on top of a building at the corner of 28th Street: See it, jutting out from the left hand corner? It’d be sort of boring if it was just a building motif that spanned the entire top level, but the fact that ... Read More »

The East Village Roof-Top Beach House

For the first year or two after I moved to New York, I became one of those people who smugly criticized tourists for “looking up.” “Looking up” to ogle buildings as you walked down the street (causing you to inevitably bump into real New Yorkers like me with places to go) was about the greatest sin you could commit (well, ... Read More »

Summers Above Central Park

A few years back, I was working on a film that had a camera position on the roof of a building just south of Central Park. The position required some construction, about two weeks of prep work, and I was assigned to “babysit” the crew – basically let them in, keep an eye on them while they worked, hold down ... Read More »