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The Strange Main Street USA on Roosevelt Island

Did you ever play with the Fisher Price Little People when you were a kid? Or Lego village sets? Did you ever notice how every store was simply named for its purpose, and there was zero competition? For example, the market was called “Market,” the barber shop was called “Barber Shop,” and the pet store was called “Pet Store”? Apparently, ... Read More »

Who is the TelePrompTer?

I was walking around Morningside Heights the other day when I passed by this interesting courtyard at 521 West 111th Street. I went in to take some pictures… …and I noticed this odd sign to the the left of the front door. At first, I didn’t think much of it. But the more I considered it, the more I realized ... Read More »

The Servant’s Entrance

Quick one for today: I was eating lunch in my car at 113th & Riverside when I noticed an interesting sign on this beautiful apartment building: Next to the gate on the right side of the building is this sign: “Servants & Tradesmens Entrance,” complete with one of those great old-fashioned directional hand illustrations. Servants? Tradesmen? I imagine it’s been ... Read More »

Remnents of Kleindeutschland (Little Germany)

If you live in New York, you’ve probably passed by these two beautiful buildings on 2nd Ave at 9th Street in the East Village a zillion times. On the left is a branch of the New York Public Library; on the right is a former medical clinic. What comes as complete surprise to me is that these buildings contain rare ... Read More »

Elephants on East 10th Street

This building, 9 East 10th Street (once the home of author Dawn Powell), features a really, really neat building number sign. It’s beautifully ornate, especially on this otherwise unremarkable building. I love the African theme, sort of feels like it should be on the outside of a safari club (note: commenters are saying this is Indian – I apologize for ... Read More »

Sin Will Find You Out!

I love religious crosses with neon-lettering attached to buildings, especially when they have ominous messages. Ignoring the tackiness factor, the fact that anyone seriously thinks these are still effective in modern day New York, to the point where they continue to replace the neon, is just incredible to me…and in a way, makes them all the more iconic. Here’s a ... Read More »

Amazing Vintage Electronics Store Sign In Brooklyn

I was early for an appointment at a Brooklyn college this afternoon to shoot some science labs, so I stopped for lunch in Park Slope. A Yelp search told me that Roma’s Pizza was decent (3/5 stars in my book), and as I was parking, I noticed this appliance store… J&R TV (108 7th Ave btw. Union & President, Brooklyn ... Read More »