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NYC Subway Now Takes You Around The World

On my way out of the city for Christmas, I had to take the Shuttle train to Times Square, and happened to get on one that had been taken over by American Airlines. The exterior was pretty neat, made to look like an American Airlines plane… But what really blew me away was the interior, which was covered in beautiful ... Read More »

Times Square Recycle Billboard Made From Recyclables

Note: This is long gone. I was scouting near Times Square on Friday when I noticed this neat new billboard on 7th Ave… Apparently, it’s promoting Best Buy’s electronics recycle program, and if you look closely… …you’ll see that the letters are actually made from recycled electronics! I wish they had made it a little bit more clear what the ... Read More »

The Film Locations of Taxi Driver (Part 3)

Just finding us? Start with Part 1 of our Taxi Driver examination to avoid confusion! Continuing along where we last left off, Travis takes Betsy to Times Square for their ill-fated movie date. Exactly where they are is tough to place as they walk along Broadway/7th Ave, but based on the median, I believe they’re at the corner of 45th ... Read More »

The Film Locations of Taxi Driver (Part 2)

Today, we delve into Part 2 of our Taxi Driver coverage (Part 1 is here). When we last left off, Travis Bickle was cruising through Times Square. We then catch him uptown as he makes a drop off at the Hotel Olcott at 27 West 72nd Street. Here, he drives up to the hotel, and we see the O LAR ... Read More »

The Film Locations of Taxi Driver

If locations were billed alongside actors, Robert DeNiro would share co-starring credits on Taxi Driver with New York City.   The character of Travis Bickle is utterly co-dependent with the New York of 1976, a spawn of all that New York had become at the time. Without the tough, dangerous, smut-filled, immoral, seedy, dank, sweaty, filthy, gritty streets of that ... Read More »

The Film Locations of Ghostbusters (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our look at Ghostbusters – Click here for Part 1! With this article, we’re completing our “New York, You’ve Changed” look at Ghostbusters. Picking up where we left off, Egon, Ray, and Peter have been kicked out of Columbia and have since purchased a Tribeca firehouse to base their fledgling ghostbusting business in. In this ... Read More »

Lamb Skulls in Times Square

The cool thing about the Lamb’s Theater (currently under renovation) on West 44th Street in Times Square? The row of fairly unnoticeable lamb skulls lining the exterior. Sort of a weird building motif, especially for family-friendly Times Square, no? -SCOUT Read More »

Travel the World by Sea or Air

On 8th Ave btw. 39th and 40th is this really great faded travel sign, complete with an arrow on the right side pointing down to where a (long gone) travel agency used to be. I love finding remnants of old travel ads throughout the city. In a world of Travelocitys and Expedias, the idea of physically going to a travel ... Read More »

The 9th Ave Demons Don’t Like You

I’ve been scouting for something around Times Square/Hell’s Kitchen over the last week (as evidenced by some of my recent posts), and I noticed this great building on 9th Ave between 52nd and 53rd. Above each window on the second and third floor are these awesome busts of…well, I’m not really sure what. They sort of remind me of the ... Read More »