Take A Rare Tour Of The Incredible Valencia Movie Palace THIS SATURDAY!


Hey everyone –

Just received word that the Tabernacle of Prayer church will be offering a rare tour of the unbelievable Valencia movie palace (read my full post here) on Saturday, May 24th, at  11am – yes, that’s this Saturday!

Tours are by appointment only – contact Sister Forbes at 718-657-4210 ext. 20 to sign up. The tour is free, but if you’re planning on going, please please please consider making a donation to the church. They have worked tirelessly for decades to keep the movie palace in such excellent condition, and any help you can offer will go a long way.

I make one guarantee about the Valencia: you will never forget it.


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  1. Awww man!!! I have my road test this Saturday! I will still try to contact in the future! I would love to see this place some time this year! And of course I will make a donation!

  2. Architecture Fan

    Thanks so much! Got my reservation.

  3. This was a grand visit – thanks to the church and Sister Forbes for opening their doors, and to you for passing on the word!

  4. LOVE your site… was hoping you could also start using instagram (if you don’t already). It would be great to follow you there as it’s the only social media I use still. Anyway, GREAT GREAT site…always good stuff.