Where To Find The Best Water on the Planet (Hint: Brooklyn)

Hi folks – really exciting announcement today.

Over the years, I’ve been approached by numerous NYC-based start-ups looking for a branding partnership with Scouting NY. And, to date, I’ve turned down every single one. It’s not that I’m against the idea in principle, it’s just that that all have wanted me to vouch for their “Made in NYC” quality – and frankly, none of the products have lived up to my standards.

That is, until I tried Newtown Creek Bottled Water.


Forget your Brita filters, forget your Evians and Perriers, forget everything you think you know about water – a sip of Newtown Creek is like reuniting with a long lost friend.

Each bottle of this crisp, fresh, all-natural water is sustainably sourced directly from New York City’s Newtown Creek, a pristine 3.5 mile estuary separating Brooklyn and lesser borough Queens. Hand-bottled in small batches with minimal filtration to preserve that one-of-a-kind Newtown Creek taste, I guarantee you’ll never forget your first sip.


As part of Scouting NY’s partnership with NCBW, I’ll be featured in a number of upcoming ads, three of which I’m thrilled to share with you today (click for larger size). I think they all perfectly capture the spirit of both the product and the city it hails from.




To learn more about Newtown Creek Bottled Water and to purchase a bottle for yourself, be sure to check out their website at www.NewtownCreekWater.com, or click below.


Forget the imposters. This is one product that can truly stake the claim: “Made in Brooklyn.”


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  1. Nice try. Happy April Fools Day!

  2. I didn’t believe it for a second, but I had a jolly good giggle!

  3. “Michael Scheissewasser” – nice touch.

  4. Awesome. Kind of a modern take on this: http://www.metacafe.com/embed/5378456/

  5. agreed, nice try

  6. I can actually smell the source as I read this. Well done.

  7. Jancie D Stearns

    Wow – so glad to hear the creek has finally been sanitized! Good luck with the project/co-branding!

  8. Can we send entire gallons to Congress? Albany?

  9. Good job, Scout! Website and all, I’m impressed.

  10. Is that delightful aftertaste the sewage, the chemicals, or the inhuman creations of decades of pollution?

  11. They got into the bottled water game two weeks too late. They could have sold oodles of Gowanus Canal water on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s got just the right shades of green to have been a big seller.

  12. Yay!!!! It’s an annual tradition, thank you! Plus those ads are HOT!! 😉

  13. Knew it was an April Fools joke because the best water is from Parkchester, the Bronx!

  14. Patrick Chevallier

    Well done! I believed it for about 6.48 seconds…

  15. I love Newtown Creek! It’s got that chewy, authentic Outer-Borough magic. Great ads, very Della Femina crossed with Fritz Lang.

  16. ‘Ya need a wet t-shirt shot to put it over the top! :+)

  17. Water so good, there’s no way you could fugedaboudit.

  18. Shouldn’t the water be lavender (since the Gowanus Canal is known as the lavender lake)?
    Great stuff!