The Combs in the Blue Fluid

Scouted an upscale country club today. Honestly couldn’t believe they still have that jar of combs…


Look, I know these are technically three positives attributes…


…but man do they just come off as three more reminders not to use communal combs. Call me stuck up if you will!


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  1. i’m all for reduce reuse recycle but really combs cost pennies a piece. barbers should just send a comb home w. you like they used to do on school picture day…

  2. You got to love the name “Barbicide”.

    Reminds me of a story I saw a while back in the Weekly World News in which eight barbers in Manila began arguing about politics and then commenced to stab each other with their scissors…

  3. My barber shop still uses this stuff.

  4. Barbicide ! Love it .

  5. Brings back fond memories of getting haircuts when I was a kid, and looking at the shelf in front of the chair with a veritable candy store display of pomades, lotions, creams and gels from which to choose post-haircut.

  6. Jeremy In Kansas

    Ewwww! Seeing this makes me appreciate being a long-hair who only gets haircuts every three or four years.

  7. That wouldn’t happen to be the Staten Island Country Club golf course, would it? I remember having much the same reaction when I saw those jars there…

  8. Err, Richmond County Country Club, that is.

  9. I actually can’t think of a babershop or salon around here that DOESN’T have it… Then again, I’m in Pittsburgh, where everything is perpetually 10-20 years behind what it is everywhere else.

  10. Actually ALL upscale clubs seem to have a jar of combs in Barbicide….along with a full range of antiquated grooming supplies: Vitalis, ‘Clubman’ talcum powder, bay rum aftershave, etc.

  11. Four words: the wethead is dead.

  12. it tastes good thats for sure

  13. I work at an upscale Manhattan spa, and we have jars of these in the locker rooms. Also, a lot of makeup artists still use barbicide solution to clean their brushes!

  14. If you ever get a chance; check out the Deepdale Golf Club in North Hills. It has one of those great scales in the locker room that you see at the Race Track for weighing the jockey and saddle.

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