Evil Jesters on West End Ave

I really dig the motif on this building, The Umbria, at 82nd St and West End Ave…

Jester 01

…which I choose to describe as Evil Jester design.

Jester 02

I like how the crooked nose sticks way out, and how it feels like you could actually put your hand in his mouth. Is that wolf part of his jester troupe?

Jester 03

They stretch around the corner too:

Jester 04


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  1. These young ones have no tact at all. They are in their own little world and nointhg else matters. Even in the professional field, I see it often.Those on the phone are fine. They have every right to talk about most things, but if you are at work and especially in customer service, be mindful of what you say. I was always brought up on leave your personal life, at the door and have stuck with that as often as I can, especially in front of customers.

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