The Fanciest Mouse Hole In New York City

I was walking up Wythe Ave in Williamsburg last week when something caught my eye…


Wait for it…


Getting closer…


Almost there…


And here it is: the fanciest mouse hole in New York City, featuring a Federal-style doorway complete with pilasters and a pediment!


Alas, a scan of the code in the doorknocker area reveals it not to be the entrance to the greatest mouse house ever, but instead, a street ad for performance artist Cynthia von Buhler’s Speakeasy Dollhouse project, an immersive theatrical show.

Apparently, these have been showing up around town for the past few years. I knocked, but no one was home.


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  1. I just saw one of these last week while walking to the Rough Trade Record Store

  2. sort of a rip-off of this:

  3. they are called fairy doors. there is a town in england where there are hundreds of them

  4. this is like an urban version of the pooh house on the harvard campus:

    (the tree has since been cut down, but pooh house lives on:

  5. Where on Wythe is this? I wonder if it made it to Street View…

  6. JAJA, great mouse hole !!!

  7. They could have done a nicer job gluing it to the wall. That really detracts from this cute little door.

  8. Thanks for the discovery!! I spoke with Cynthia from Speakeasy Dollhouse and turns out she’s not installing them herself–her fan base has been for the last few years in sort of crowd-sourced thing which I think makes it even more fun. Some even were placed with money behind the doors (and keys to open):

  9. I love this, but where on Wythe is it?

  10. It’s here:,-73.958679&spn=0.002455,0.003484&hnear=Wythe+Ave&gl=us&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=40.721076,-73.95876&panoid=Fs6NaFz0SuflFwIOww2asg&cbp=12,117.31,,0,8.04

    I found it by looking for a smokestack and a water tank near Wythe Ave.

    You will note that in the Google picture, no rodent door.

  11. There’s also a dark blue one on the signpost at the SE corner of mercer and spring. Looks like a party left the corner a bit ragged.