The Greek Temple At 28th Street

I was walking south down Broadway from 34th Street today when I saw this pretty amazing temple perched on top of a building at the corner of 28th Street:

Temple 01

See it, jutting out from the left hand corner? It’d be sort of boring if it was just a building motif that spanned the entire top level, but the fact that it only occupies one corner makes it seem as though a temple was lifted out of Greece and randomly deposited on the roof. I was amazed by the wooden beach house on top of an East Village apartment building, but a temple really takes it to a new level.

Temple 02

Crazy. Apparently, the Baudoine Building, as the letters on one side denote it, was once owned by Chas. A. Baudouine, a leading NY cabinet maker (note: am I wrong, or does the temple seem to have a DirecTV dish?”).

Temple 03

According to this NY Times FYI, the building, including its Greco-Roman Temple, was built in 1896 and designed by Alfred Zucker.

Temple 04

The Times article notes that someone actually lives here. I wonder what the rent for a temple is.


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  1. There is no Dana, only Zuul…

  2. The “dish” looks more like a spotlight from two other angles.

  3. RE: Your response to the caller on WNYC about Bay Terrace Shopping Mall:
    I location managed the move Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, for Sidney Lumet. We filmed there because it was supposed to be a suburban mall, ie Westchester. It worked very well for the movie.
    The lady who called in missed that point entirely.

  4. I used to walk by that on the way to my old job and think how cool it would be to live there. It’s a little creepy, especially given the tarnish that has set in on the exterior. But that only makes it more interesting an mysterious…

  5. I used to work in this building. There are some galleries, at least one fashion studio, a few film production offices, and Jim Jones’ recording studio. The interior of the building is a mess.